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World’s Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

World’s Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

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First Class take you around the globe to explore the most opulent beauty treatments on the market.

Image courtesy of Grand Wailea

Miami’s US $15,000 bath

Miami’s Hotel Victor offers this unique bathing experience to its penthouse guests only. Topped with rose petals and accompanied by a bottle of champagne, guests can bathe in a thousand litres of Evian water, which is known for its mineral and nutrient rich properties. US 10,000 will cover your night in the penthouse, while the bath will set you back an additional US $5000.

Hotel Victor South Beach
Photo from Hotel Victor South Beach

Maui’s 20-hand massage for US $4,000

This lavish two and a half hour experience is designed especially for couples staying at the Grand Wailea Resort, Maui. It entails ten therapists harmonising the energy of the room by joining their hands, palm to palm. Once the energy is centered, they begin the “hula wave” on the entire body as therapists walk around the guests massaging the two bodies in synchronicity. According to the resort’s spa director, it tricks the brain into relaxing as it becomes impossible to focus precisely on where you’re being touched.

LA’s $7,000 diamond and ruby facial

A firm celeb favourite championed by the likes of Mila Kunis, this treatment involves crushed down rubies and diamonds, formed into a paste and applied to the skin. Facialist to the stars, LA-based Scott-Vincent Borba, created this treatment to clarify, detoxify and exfoliate.

Mila Kunis
Photo from Mila Kunis’ Instagram

The international  £32,000 diamond manicure

The Ices Manicure by Cherish…Me is revered by the world’s most elite ladies. Ten-carat diamonds are carefully applied to nail tips to create the most luxe French manicure in existence. Though the company was birthed in London, they will happily travel worldwide to adorn the fingers of the rich and famous. When the manicure has run its course, they will also assist you in creating bespoke jewellery made from your diamonds.

gold bracelet
Photo courtesy of Cherish…Me

Dubai’s DH $25,000 golden facial

Visitors to the Talise Ottoman Spa can treat themselves to a bespoke facial courtesy of skincare expert, Margie Lombard. As well as a 24-carat anti-aging gold chain mask, guests will enjoy a gold-laced Turkish bath, a rose and argan oil massage and a caviar lunch.

jumeirah zabeel saray talise ottoman spa
Image courtesy of Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Talise Ottoman Spa

London’s GBP 20,000 haircut

Unsurprisingly, a 40k haircut comes with extras. Guinness World Record holder Stuart Phillips currently holds the title of “world’s most expensive haircut” for his London salon’s Diamond Package. This two day/ one night package includes a personal driver, assistant, personal shopper, champagne lunches, hair products and of course the haircut, as well as flights to and from the UK. Want to go one-up and purchase a Platinum Package? Stuart will fly to you, wherever you are, for an undisclosed sum.

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