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Women’s Luxury Island Retreat off the coast of Finland…No Boys Allowed!

Women’s Luxury Island Retreat off the coast of Finland…No Boys Allowed!

SuperShe Island

International Women’s Day came and went way too quickly for me. So to keep the party going, I bring you the ultimate women-only island retreat, off the coast of Finland. Focusing on rejuvenation, bonding and the celebration of all women-kind, SuperShe Island is the perfect place to get away from the distractions of the world (and the men!).

Women’s Luxury Island Retreat offthe coast of Finland
Image courtesy of CNN

SuperShe Island: Hidden off the coast of Finland

All good entrepreneurs have a mission and the founder of SuperShe Society, Kristina Roth, is no different. Hers is to bring together the badass women of the world, and SuperShe Island is the embodiment of that mission.

Hidden off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea SuperShe Island is 8.4 acres of pure beauty. The island is found in an archipelago known for its evergreen trees, rocky coastlines and warm summer waters.

It has four newly renovated luxury cabins ready to go for the official opening in June 2018. Women staying on the island will have access to spa amenities, Finnish saunas and farm-to-table dining experiences. Daily wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes, fitness classes and nature activities are all available to promote inner health and happiness. You can even swim naked, and completely carefree, in the warm ocean waters during the day then relax under a starlit sky at night all in the company of like-minded, passionate women. What more could you possibly want?!

SuperShe Island
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SuperShe Island is the exclusive destination

Up to ten women have the opportunity to be on the island at any one time. But being one of those fortunate few does involve an application process, with Kristina hand picking each person. Although there’s yet to be a price tag attached to the islands accommodation it’s likely that money and personality will come into the selection process, making SuperShe Island the exclusive destination that it is.

Kristina has taken the outer beauty of an island and turned it into a paradise for finding inner beauty in ourselves and each other.

So ladies what’s it going to be? Stay in your everyday life? Or apply to be a member of the SuperShe Society and embark on the retreat of a lifetime? I know what I’ll be choosing!

SuperShe Island
Image courtesy of Shape Magazine

Want to know more? Check out the SuperShe Island website below and be sure to put your name forward for the ultimate girls getaway!

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