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Washable vintage rugs for your holiday home

Washable vintage rugs for your holiday home

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Washable rugs by Miss Amara

washable weave
Miss Amara’s washable rugs

Washable rugs for beach and bush homes

We have a little holiday place on the south coast. We rent it out through Airbnb to pay the huge land tax bill plonked on us by overvaluing our house but that’s a story for the political pages.

We love that we can rent out our house. The area is very popular as it’s around two hours from Sydney and the people who have rented it in general have been wonderful. Yet there are occasional stains on our carpeted area and when we allowed pets we had to change the carpet three times.

Miss Amara washable vintage rugs - Sorra
Miss Amara washable vintage rugs – Sorra

If only we had known about Miss Amara’s fabulous collection of Washable Weaves earlier. We have one now and it fits in perfectly to our beachy space. It’s part of the distressed vintage styles that are oh so chic with their pastels, beiges and neturals.

What is truly wonderful about our rug is that we can put it in a high traffic area or an area such as under or near the dining table without having to worry about staining from spills. At the moment it’s sitting under the coffee table in our lounge area.

Miss Amara washable vintage rugs - Mindi
Miss Amara washable vintage rugs – Mindi

We are lucky to have panoramic beach views from this area so the distressed colours invoke a super cool personality to the room as well as making it inviting.

Rugs have a huge impact on a room. A room without a rug is a room without soul. And who wouldn’t want a washable soul!

The vintage style rugs are faded, worn, and softened over time. They nestle into homes as if they’ve always been there. It’s a look that’s been dominating the interior design world and it’s all about adding a rustic look to your space without having to make any major changes to the way you live or decorate.

Miss Amara washable vintage rugs - Narem
Miss Amara washable vintage rugs – Narem

We love our rug so much we’ve given him a name, Salty, as he really is part of the family now. Salty was made in Turkey using modern loom techniques. He’s a flatweave design: hard-wearing, smooth texture, foldable and lightweight: easy to move, and store But what we love best is that he’s  machine-washable. We have a gorgeous grey cat who we’ve rescued and we can take him down to the holiday house without worrying about him leaving hairs on the rug.

Salty can also be spot cleaned for any smaller spills.

You can see the entire Washable Weaves collection here, including area rugs and runners in a range of sizes. Washable Weaves are available to purchase now with delivery commencing in two weeks. The Washable Weaves also come with free shipping and returns Australia-wide.

Miss Amara washable vintage rugs - Sorra
Miss Amara washable vintage rugs – Sorra

Miss Amara offers a risk free rug service which allows you to test the rugs in your home before committing to the purchase. They offer free delivery on all purchases, and if the rug doesn’t fit Miss Amara will also pay for return shipping costs and provide a full refund immediately.

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