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Visit Komodo and see a real live dragon

Visit Komodo and see a real live dragon

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons in Indonesia

Sunset at Kalong Island, Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park in the year of the dragon

Let’s embark on a jaunt to the Komodo National Park, during the illustrious Year of the Dragon. This Indonesian jewel, cradled in the bosom of East Nusa Tenggara, is not just a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it’s a veritable circus of nature’s grandest spectacles, where Komodo dragons, those prehistoric behemoths, reign supreme. But fear not, for these scaly monarchs are but the tip of the iceberg in a place brimming with reasons to gawk and gape—from the shimmering aquamarine waters and the ballet of majestic manta rays, to the untamed savannahs and sunsets so scarlet they’d put a shamefaced lobster to blush.

Ayana Komodo Waecicu – where to stay ?

Full Ocean View Suite
Full Ocean View Suite

For those of you with a taste for the finer things in life, the AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach in Labuan Bajo, on the isle of Flores, stands ready to pamper you silly. Picture a stretch of white sand so pristine, a jetty that strides out into the sea like a royal pier, and yoga sessions where the only thing more fluid than your poses is the water lapping at your feet. Here, luxury is not just experienced; it’s a full-blown assault on the senses, graciously tempered by the famed Indonesian hospitality.

Why, you ask, should this slice of paradise top your bucket list? Let’s dive in:

Pink Beach on Komodo

Pink Beach at Komodo National Park
Pink Beach at Komodo National Park

Pink Beach: The Pinkest Pink to Ever Pink
Imagine a beach that decided beige was passé and embraced pink with the fervour of a Pinterest influencer. Pink Beach, with its coral-kissed sands, isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a clarion call to Instagrammers everywhere. Dip your toes in its crystal-clear waters, and you might just forget to post about it.

Dinosaurs among us

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragons: Dinosaurs Among Us
Step onto Komodo Island, and you’re practically time-traveling. Here, Komodo dragons lumber about, tongues flicking, in a landscape that screams ‘Jurassic Park’ sans Jeff Goldblum. These creatures aren’t just living fossils; they’re a reminder that nature always has the last laugh.

Padar Island for hikers

Komodo National Park from the top of Padar Island
Komodo National Park from the top of Padar Island

Padar Island: A Hiker’s Daydream
Even if your idea of exercise is reaching for the remote, the hike to Padar Island’s summit is non-negotiable. The view is a panoramic postcard come to life, with beaches and mountains vying for your attention. It’s nature’s version of a mic drop.

Go batty on Bat Island

Bat Island: Where Twilight Meets Flight
As the sun dips low, witness the aerial ballet of thousands of bats against the canvas of the twilight sky. It’s like nature’s own version of the Red Arrows, only quieter and with more fur.

Snorkel at Komodo National Park

Snorkeling at Komodo National Park
Snorkeling at Komodo National Park

Underwater Wonderland: Snorkel Your Heart Out
Dive into the marine mosaic of Komodo National Park, where fish of a thousand hues dart among coral cathedrals. Here, you’re not just snorkelling; you’re gatecrashing nature’s most exclusive party.

And if your eco-warrior spirit is feeling frisky, join AYANA’s marine biologist in coral matchmaking—because nothing says romance like planting coral under the sea.

Lodging with Panache: AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach
This isn’t just a resort; it’s your base camp for opulence. With a smorgasbord of dining options and activities, AYANA is where luxury shakes hands with adventure.

Balcony at Master Suite
Balcony at Master Suite

Seafaring in Style: Aboard the AYANA Lako D’ia
And for those who prefer their nature with a side of nautical chic, AYANA’s fleet offers everything from sunset cruises to snorkelling escapades, all wrapped up in the comfort of five-star hospitality.

Exterior of AYANA Lako di;a
Exterior of AYANA Lako D’ia

So, in the Year of the Dragon, why not pay homage to these ancient rulers of the land by embarking on an adventure that’s as ludicrously luxurious as it is lavishly lush? Komodo National Park awaits, with open jaws and open arms.

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