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Villa Copenhagen Luxury

Villa Copenhagen Luxury

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Luxury hotels in Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen
Villa Copenhagen

The heart of Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen is Villa Copenhagen, an environmentally friendly five-star hotel that embodies design principles the Danes are renowned for – open space, light, symmetry, minimalism – and it all starts in the stunning atrium lobby, above which is the original 1912 Danish Post and Telegraph Office tower.

Copenhagen's Nyhavn Image Kylie Keogh
Copenhagen’s Nyhavn Image Kylie Keogh

And let’s not forget function. As well as being a beautiful space that demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between past and present Copenhagen, the Courtyard consists of a cocktail bar which is marketed to locals as well as international guests, with regular DJs, bands and pop-up events, and spacious, comfortable chairs and lounges.

Kontrast brasserie offers conscious luxury

The Danes are masterful at redesign and re-use, the latter being central to the hotel’s philosophy of “conscious luxury” by taking responsibility for its environmental footprint which includes carbon-free dining and zero waste in the brasserie Kontrast. There is even an Earth Suite; big on luxury and sustainability, with all materials and fabrics used to design and decorate the room being recycled. They say it’s the greenest hotel suite in the world.

Villa Copenhagen Image by Kylie Keogh
Villa Copenhagen Image by Kylie Keogh

The rooms are beautiful; the colour palette muted and neutral with flashes of gold and chrome black and shiny marble surfaces. The bathroom is huge with a deep tub underneath a bay window that looks out onto the Copenhagen skyline and a double shower head. One of my takeaways from staying here – and I literally mean takeaways – are the exquisite bath products provided. Not surprisingly, Villa Copenhagen uses environmentally friendly local brand Scandinavisk, specifically the SKOG fragrance which smells like washing and moisturising in a fresh Danish pine forest. Upon returning to Australia, I researched how I could get my hands on more.

Villa Copenhagen Image by Kylie Keogh
Villa Copenhagen Image by Kylie Keogh

A Swedish sauna before sundown

Villa Copenhagen is big, with 390 rooms which means you need to book a time at the heated, rooftop lap pool and bar.  The staff mention this at check-in and it is worth doing there and then. I stayed at the tail end of summer on a Thursday night and it was busy, however it’s worth visiting the rooftop to have a dip, steam in the Swedish sauna before a sundowner. And the next morning, hit the buffet breakfast that is famous for Rug, the hotel’s in-house bakery that makes the most delicious cakes, croissants and cinnamon buns. The smell alone is intoxicating.

New nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

While you wouldn’t know it from the rooms, which are blissfully quiet, the hotel is centrally located on the busy Tietgensgade, near the famous Tivoli Amusement Park and Gardens, one of Copenhagen’s historic landmarks. But if shopping at the uber-cool Danish boutiques, bar hopping and sampling New Nordic cuisine is more your speed, you be will spoilt for choice with some of the inner city neighbourhoods within walking – or cycling – distance:

Copenhagen's Vestebro Image by Kylie Keogh
Copenhagen’s Vestebro Image by Kylie Keogh


Once a red-light district, this neighbourhood on the other side of Central Station (Kobenhavns Hovedbanegard) has a diverse demography that has changed in recent years as a result of urban renewal. Trendy bars, cafes and restaurants frequented by hipsters characterise this “bro”. In 2022, one of its streets – Vaernedamsvej, known as Little Paris as it boasts due French restaurants, wine bars, and florists – was named the fifth coolest street in the world by Time Out magazine.


If there’s one photo that encapsulates the beauty of Copenhagen it is standing in front of the coloured buildings that frame the canal in Nyhavn. There are plenty of cafes and bars with outdoor seating to have lunch or afternoon cocktail by the water. To get there, it’s a walk down the Stroget, one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe which has a range of shops, in particular luxury brands.


The multicultural melting pot of Copenhagen that is a centre for Michelin starred New Nordic restaurants at one end of the culinary spectrum, to rustic seafood bars and the best shawarmas in the city. The finest and most eclectic Scandi fashion and design shops are in this neighbourhood where can easily lose yourself in for hours.


This is one of the most picturesque parts of Copenhagen made up of a group of small islands and is one of the best places to do traditional boat tours, or guided kayak tours. There are also waterfront bars that boats pull up to, order beers, and get back onto their boat and motor off down the canals. Nearby is the famous Christiania Free Town, a unique, self-governing “commune” that sprung up in 1971 after a group of homeless people turned an abandoned military area into a community. Feel free to visit, but don’t take photos!

Copenhagen's Christianhavn  Image by Kylie Keogh
Copenhagen’s Christianhavn Image by Kylie Keogh

Villa Copenhagen rooms start at 1790 Danish Kroner ($370) to penthouse suites for 23,210DKK ($4775) *depending on season.

Stromget Image by Kylie Keogh

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