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Vienna’s finest musical experiences with 2MBS Fine Music Sydney

Vienna’s finest musical experiences with 2MBS Fine Music Sydney

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From Mozart’s apartment to staying in the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

Photo of Vienna Image courtesy of the Austrian National Tourist Office
Photo of Vienna Image courtesy of the Austrian National Tourist Office

A curated collection of musical experiences in Vienna

From the Hofburg Palace to Mozart’s apartment, Vienna is the finest city of music. One of the most divine experiences is staying in Schonbrunn Palace to feast like an emperor and slumber in a four poster bed in the former Habsburg summer residence.

Discover Vienna the city of music at its finest. Music is in the very fabric of the Viennese soul and its history is filled with the most revered composers with many of their apartments converted into museums for all to enjoy. The city is a virtual music museum and we have collected the best experiences for music lovers when they venture into Austria’s capital.

Let’s start with a visit to some of the most celebrated composers’ homes.

Mozart Statue by Andreas of Unsplash
Mozart Statue by Andreas/Unsplash

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Museum

While Mozart lived in a number of Viennese houses, the only one that survived is the Mozarthaus Museum. This is the house he was born in on January 27, 1756. The museum houses three stories detailing Mozart’s life from his family life as a child, including when he began playing music, who his friends and patrons were and his relationship with his family. Mozarthaus is located in St. Stephansplatz at Domgasse 5

Joseph Haydn Museum

Haydhouse focuses on the last years of the composter life and puts them into the political and social context. The garden has been reconstructed according to historical models and is a true green oasis in the built-up area of Mariahilferstrasse. Johannes Brahms, an ardent admirer of Haydn, took great pains to keep the memory of his great idol alive. A special room is dedicated to Brahms in the Haydnhaus.

Vienna street by Leyre/unsplash
Vienna street by Leyre/unsplash

Arnold Schönberg Museum

Established in 1998, the Arnold Schönberg Center  includes exhibitions about Schönberg’s life, a gallery of his paintings, a replica of his study in Los Angeles, the city in which he died in 1951, and lots of concerts, lectures, and other events aimed at helping people understand and enjoy Schönberg’s music. The Arnold Schönberg Center is located at St. Stephansplatz at Schwarzenbergplatz 6.

Johann Strauss Museum

sergey konstantinov  unsplashThe Strauss Monument by Sergey Konstantinov and unsplash
The Strauss Monument by Sergey Konstantinov/Unsplash

Johann Strauss Wohnung is where the Blue Danube was composed. Strauss lived in this elegant Viennese neighbourhood for a number of years. The museum shows Strauss’ instruments along with furniture and paintings from his life, and references to the other musical members of the Strauss dynasty. Johann Strauss Wohnung is located at Praterstraße 54

Strauss Museum

This museum opened in 2015 and offers pictures, sheet music editions, photographs, sheet music editions, and memorabilia, all accompanied by detailed information on the Strauss family and the times they lived through. There are also a variety of audio stations arranged in 15 themed areas. Müllnergasse 3. 1090 Vienna

Schubert Geburtshaus

Viennese Kirche Laurenz Kleinheider/Unsplash
Viennese Kirche Laurenz Kleinheider/Unsplash

This is where Schubert was born on January 31, 1797. He came from a large family that shared one room and a kitchen with an open fire. Among the exhibits are his spectacles which have become quite an object of veneration for Schubert fans. Schubert Geburtshaus is located at Nußdorfer Straße 54

Schubert Sterbewohnung

Schubert died here on November 19, 1828. Although he lived in the small apartment for only a few weeks, he composed several works including the song “The Shepherd on the Rock.” Exhibits document the last weeks of his life, his death, and his funeral. Schubert Sterbewohnung is located at Kettenbrückengasse 6

Beethoven by Benjamin Lehman and unsplash
Beethoven by Benjamin Lehman/Unsplash

House of music, Vienna

Take yourself on a musical journey in Vienna’s singular Museum of Sound – in the historical palace of Archduke Karl in the old city center. Observe the great composers, look over their shoulders as they work, confront the greatest musicians of our time, and look at the future of digital music and virtual reality.

Four floors invite you into the world of sound and noise phenomena. Music is not only for listening to: in the House of Music, you can also see, feel and even create the sounds and noises yourself. Computer installations are your tour guides.

The interactive application Facing Mozart lets visitors bring to life a Mozart portrait, with the use of an application called “facetracking”. Slip into his role and control his head movements and facial expressions .

Vienna by Markus Clemens/Unsplash
Vienna by Markus Clemens/Unsplash

Another installation is NAMADEUS,which was created after Mozart’s musical game KV 516f. The names are changed into an original Mozart interpretation. Here you can also find the fascinating, interactive Waltz Dice Game.

A virtual installation for children presents the “zookonzert”, where the crocodile sings the blues, the frog dances the polka and the centipede tap-dances.

The great composers Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven float as holograms through the air.

In the case of the virtual conductor, the Vienna Philharmonic – or at least its video projection – obeys everyone who wants to try their hand at conducting. However, the professional musicians respond to an overly poor sense of rhythm with criticism. Among the music pieces to be chosen: The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss, which enchants its audience for 150 years.

Kirche by Benjamin Kaufmann  unsplash
Viennese Kirche by Benjamin Kaufmann/Unsplash

Experience Music Step by Step: The fixed stairs at the beginning of the sound museum’s musical tour therefore act as a piano with 13 movement-sensitive steps as keys, each illuminating the activated note on the wall panel.

Notable Orchestras in Vienna

Vienna is home to many world-class orchestras and choirs and here is a selection of some of their finest.

Vienna Philharmonic

This world-famous orchestra was founded in 1842 by composer Otto Nicolai, since then it’s an integral part of classical music in Vienna. The instruments are specially made for the performers, with clarinets, bassoons and the most difficult Vienna horn.

Vienna Skyline by Jacek Dylag  unsplash
Vienna Skyline by Jacek Dylag/Unsplash

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra

This 128-member orchestra mainly specializes in the works of Anton Bruckner, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler, and is one of the finest in Europe.

Vienna Boys Choir

joshi milestoner unsplash
Vienna by Joshi Milestoner/Usplash

This group was founded in 1498 when Emperor Maximilian. Every year they perform in front of half a million people and  at about 300 concerts including at the Sunday Mass – Hofburgkapelle and at the MuTh concert hall – Augarten.

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

Austria’s most versatile orchestra performs works from the 18th century at home and equally perform at premieres of modern pieces. The orchestra is a regular feature at the Konzerthaus, Musikverein, and the Theater an der Wien.

World Class Venues for Classical Concerts in Vienna

Vienna Opera by Nick Shandra and Unsplash
Vienna Opera by Nick Shandra/Unsplash


The Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. It’s open for around 300 days each year, offering operas and ballets with subtitles in eight languages.

Schonbrunn Palace by Yannik unsplash
Schonbrunn Palace by Yannik/Unsplash


Built in 1898, the Vienna Volksoper (Vienna People’s Opera) is the city’s second largest opera house. Today, operas from the 18th to 21st centuries, as well as classic musicals and ballet, are performed here with English subtitles for some German performances.

Theater an der Wien

Schonbrunn Palace by Yevhenii/Unsplash
Schonbrunn Palace by Yevhenii/Unsplash

This theatre was built in 1801 by The Magic Flute writer Emmanuel Schikaneder in the spirit of Mozart. It hosts Baroque operas to contemporary pieces and also the Vienna Chamber Opera.  


The Musikverein (Vienna Music Society) is one of the most prestigious concert halls. The Musikverein’s architectural highlight is the Golden Hall. Every year, TV viewers around the world can watch the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert live from the Golden Hall, along with works by Strauss and his contemporaries. During the rest of the year, the Musikverein showcases a number of performances by some of the best orchestras and composers in the world.

Vienna Musikverein by Bells Mayer/Unsplash
Vienna Musikverein by Bells Mayer/Unsplash

Wiener Konzerthaus

The Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert House) is home to the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony, the Wiener Singakademie and the Klangforum Wien. Enjoy classical, modern, jazz and pop as well as festivals including Rasonanzen, which focuses on historical music such as the Middle Ages and Baroque.


Built in Italian Renaissance style, it’s here that ‘Waltz’ became popular in the 19th century. Johann Strauss and his orchestra regularly performed here. Enjoy a spectacular performance by opera singers and ballet dancers from the Alt Wien Orchestra.

Schonbrunn Palace by Leyre/Unsplash
Schonbrunn Palace by Leyre/Unsplash

Where to stay

The Schonbrunn Palace offers an Emperor style stay in a four poster bed in a 1678 sqm suite exude imperial charm. The luxury takes its cues from the style of the former Habsburg summer residence.

Guests have the chance to experience Schönbrunn Palace from an angle seen by only very few locals: at night, deserted and free of tourists

The view of the 160-hectare palace gardens from the suite, taking in the Gloriette, Neptune Fountain and Crown Prince Garden, will leave you in no doubt that you are at the cultural and political heart of the former Habsburg Empire, and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Viennese Gold by Chloe/Unsplash
Viennese Gold by Chloe/Unsplash

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