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Ultimate Guide to Luxury Festivals

Ultimate Guide to Luxury Festivals

Coachella Festival

Tackle the festival season in style with the ultimate luxury festival guide.

Festivals were once associated with warm beer, mud and poorly pitched tents. No more. From couture fashion to champagne sprays, the festival scene has gone luxe. With yachts, yurts and Michelin starred dining on offer, there really is no other way to festival.

Coachella Festival
Image courtesy of Coachella

1. Coachella, Colorado Desert

It wouldn’t be an ultimate luxury festival guide without the original luxury festival experience – Coachella. With celebrities hanging on stage and off, this festival is a hotspot for star spotting, high fashion and epic performances.

The Safari Campsite is prime real estate for festival-goers with money to spend. You can choose from a spacious, fully furnished tent with a queen or double queen bed option, or a small, fully furnished villa with a front porch. For the crème de la crème of Coachella glamping, stay in a Resort Yurt. This is a completely customised experience which includes, airport transfers, mini fridge restocks with all your favourites, premium tickets, a bottle of champagne, daily breakfast and dinner reservations. When staying at the Safari Campsite, you’ll also have access to a private spa lounge and the Safari lounge for relaxing and socialising between sets.

Prices start at US $9,500 for the Safari Tents and US $25,000 for the Resort Yurts.

Coachella Festival Villa
Image courtesy of Coachella

2. Anchored Festival, Mediterranean

There’s no rule saying a festival must be in a field. Instead, you can climb aboard the Vision of the Sea cruise ship for Anchored musical festival. This floating festival is hosted by Unique Cruises and features world class music acts, champagne-soaked pool parties and some of the most vibrant locations in Europe.

Across five nights, cruise from Barcelona to Corsica, Palma and Ibiza, and enjoy 24-hour room service, spa treatments, mini golf, rock climbing, sunset yoga, live music and more. Take your festival cruise to a new level of luxe with the Royal Suite. With the option for two deluxe twin beds or One Royal King sized bed, and private dining options, you’ll be living in music festival heaven.

Prices start from £499 for the Interior Stateroom and £10,000 for the Royal Suite.

3. We Love Green, Paris

We Love Green is all about music and the environment. The festival is committed to ensuring everyone has a great time, including the local wildlife and incredible surrounding alpine forests.

The two-day festival brings together French and international artists. The event is overflowing with star-studded musicians, including pop singer and environmentalist Björk. You can enjoy the incredible celebrity performances and take part in sustainable development workshops, ecology exhibitions and environmental screenings.

The festival is located just outside Paris. Which means there are plenty of five star hotels to choose from, including La Reserve Hotel and Spa.

We Love Green Festival
Image courtesy of We Love Green

4. Secret Solstice Festival, Iceland

Head to Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival for a unique festival experience. At Secret Solstice, music lovers can revel inside glaciers, volcanoes and lava tunnels.

There are two top tier packages on offer at Secret Solstice Festival. The first, the Package of the Gods which includes: helicopter transfers to glaciers and lava tunnels, luxury accommodation for two and access to all side parties. The second package is The Oðinn, which includes access to the Oðinn pop up lounge, complimentary food and drinks and exclusive side show offers. With 96 hours of never-ending daylight, this is a festival to remember.

Prices start at €12,242 for the Package of the Gods and €1,865 for The Oðinn.

5. Henley Festival, London

Henley Festival is one of the most exclusive festivals in the world. And it’s the perfect place to don your party clothes. Think black tie and cocktail dresses.

The festival has plenty of luxe experiences on offer. You can relax on the Moet Champagne lawns, book a bespoke concierge and enjoy Michelin starred food.

While there’s no camping at Henley Festival, fortunately it’s located in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. There are plenty of five star hotels to choose from in London.

Prices start at £235 for the Evening Weekend Grandstand Package and VIP experiences available upon request.

Henley Festival, London
Image courtesy of Henley Festival

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