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Trains, Wine and the Napa Region, California

Trains, Wine and the Napa Region, California

Trains, Wine and the Napa Region, California

When it comes to travelling around the Napa wine country, there really is no other way to travel than by train. Especially when that train is 100-years old and has been luxuriously restored.

Trains, Wine and the Napa Region, California
Image courtesy of Napa Valley

Having once transported visitors to a spa resort in Calistoga, the railroad is now a 36-mile round-trip adventure. Starting and finishing in St. Helena, guests can stop at some of Napa Valley’s most celebrated wineries along the way.

Napa Valley Wine Train Tours

There are plenty of Napa Valley Wine Train Tours to choose from. With one of the most luxe being the Deluxe Room and Wine Tasting Tour.

You can experience the natural beauty (and the natural flavours) of the Napa region. By train you’ll experience the region’s most beautiful landscapes and vineyards. With a gourmet lunches, two nights at the luxurious River Terrace Inn, and a day of Winery Tours with Beau Tours limo on the cards, you’ll be wine flushed and having fun in no time.

With a true Napa Valley feel, the River Terrace Inn is the perfect blend of elegance and refines taste. Nestled between the River Trail and the Oxbow Park Preserve, guests can stroll through the park and enjoy local works of art along the Napa River Art Walk. Guests can choose between River Front Rooms overlooking the Napa River or Village Side Rooms.

River Terrace Inn
Image courtesy of River Terrace Inn

Travel in style through the Napa Valley

With intimate day tours for couples and small groups, Beau Wine Tours are experts in luxury and prime wine tasting experiences. The chauffeurs and tour guides have all undertaken extensive training to ensure a service as premium as the wine.

Wine not travel in style through the Napa Valley, take in the scenery and enjoy all that the region has to offer.

For more personalised information tips and advice, or to book this incredible holiday contact your local TravelManagers’ personal travel manager here.

Beautiful landscape of Napa Region
Image courtesy of Visit California

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