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Western Canada’s top 5 Vegan restaurants, cafes and eateries

Western Canada’s top 5 Vegan restaurants, cafes and eateries

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Vegan eateries and tours

Acorn Vancouver
Vegan food at Acorn Vancouver

Best vegan eateries in Western Canada

With around 500,000 Australians identifying as vegan and almost 2.5 million living a vegetarian lifestyle, it’s little wonder Australian travellers are seeking delicious plant-based restaurants and cafes during their international adventures in 2022.

Canada’s western province of British Columbia is abundant with veggie-forward fare, catering for the country’s largest population of vegans and vegetarians. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or simply searching for a nutritious and wholesome meal, you’ll find a dizzying array of restaurants, cafes and food trucks serving inventive meatless dishes.

The coastal province is surrounded by plant-based bounty, responsibly harvested from sprawling forests and fertile farmland. Follow your taste buds and prepare to be dazzled by flavourful, locally sourced, organically grown meat-free feasts.

Be love, Victoria

This locally loved eatery uses at least 95 percent organic, plant-based ingredients, mindfully sourced according to local and seasonal availability. Here, diners will find exquisite concoctions like cardamom pear pancakes drenched in maple ginger syrup and vanilla cashew “cream cheese”, along with superfood-infused cocktails and fresh-pressed juices and elixirs.

Be love

Virtuous Pie, Vancouver and Victoria (and Toronto, Ontario)

Canadian-owned and oh-so-popular, this pizza joint serves vegan pies topped by truffle almond ricotta, gochujang-braised jackfruit and other unexpected toppings. There’s also vegan ice cream offered by the scoop or pint in cultured flavours like Thai tea and Irish coffee. The restaurant was founded by vegan foodie Rob Milne, along with his sons Ben and Alex, who are not only passionate about protecting the planet but also donate a portion of revenue to charitable endeavours in each city where Virtuous Pie is located.

Virtuous Pie

Vancouver Food Tour Vegan Food Tour Cashew Cheese Pizza
Vancouver Food Tour Vegan Food Tour Cashew Cheese Pizza

Heirloom, Vancouver

This contemporary dining experience was created by owners Gus and Yogi, whose vision is to offer socially conscious dining with a focus on vegan and vegetarian fare. All ingredients are sourced locally and are organic wherever possible; there’s also a sister juice bar with fresh-pressed juices and smoothies, fair-trade coffee and locally sourced teas, and healthy snacks promoting goodness on the go.


The Acorn, Vancouver

This cosy eatery was founded by Shira Blustein, who spent years travelling Europe and North America with indie rock bands while simultaneously learning how difficult it was to find delicious, freshly prepared vegetarian food. She opened The Acorn to provide a veggie-forward dining experience hallmarked by creative food and cocktails, whose ingredients are a product of lasting relationships she’s forged with BC farmers, foragers and vintners. Come here for exquisitely flavourful dishes like whole roasted kohlrabi with apricot mustard and black plum, and halloumi served alongside German butter potato, chickpeas, mint and buffalo yogurt.

The Acorn

Insider’s tip

Vancouver Vegan Food Tour, Vancouver: The city’s most popular culinary tour company takes visitors on enticing excursions to find the best vegan pizza, dairy-free gelato and veggie bowls (wear your stretchy pants).

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