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Four reasons why Tohoku, Japan, shines

Four reasons why Tohoku, Japan, shines

Paddleboarding in Tohoku Shirakawa Lake
Paddleboarding in Tohoku Shirakawa Lake
Paddleboarding in Tohoku Shirakawa Lake Image courtesy of Tohoku Tourism

Here are four reasons why Tohoku shines. 

1. Tohoku is covered in forests

Tohoku is one of the greenest places on earth with more open space than in most other places in Japan with seventy percent of the region being covered in forests.

2. Crater lakes and calm beaches

Visit Tohoku’s natural delights which range from crater lakes such as Okama and Goshikinuma and sacred mountains such as Dewa Sanzan and Yamadera to calm beaches such as Jodogahama and unique islands such as Kinkasan. The newest scenic 1,000-km Michinoku Coastal Trailopened in 2019 on the Sanriku Coast.

Zao Onsen Ski Resort
Zao Onsen Ski Resort Image courtesy Tokoho Tourism

3. Relax in an onsen

Tohoku is where you can enjoy ultimate relaxation in an onsen, Japan’s famous hot springs baths. This volcanic region is known for an array of open-air hot springs baths in unique settings. Nyuto Onsenkyo and Matsukawa Onsen are located in the scenic mountainous areas of Towada-Hachimantai National Park, while Koganesaki Furofushi Onsen and Minamisanriku Onsen are situated directly on coasts, offering ocean views.

4. Train journeys

Tohoku, the historically-isolated region, is more accessible than ever with  shinkansen trains connecting Tohoku with the northern island of Hokkaido through an under-sea tunnel across the Japan Sea. In 2021, the brand new 359-km Sanriku Expressway on the long-isolated Sanriku Coast will be completed and connect the northern port city of Hachinohe with Sendai, Tohoku’s biggest city. For slower travel across Tohoku, several new scenic trains are now in service. Luxury sleeper train Shikishima, which means “four season island” debuted in 2017. Tohoku Emotion, the gastronomy train launched in 2013, runs along the most beautiful part of the Sanriku Coast in northern Tohoku and serves exquisite meals prepared on the train with fresh local ingredients.

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