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Aurora Space Station: The world’s first luxury space hotel

Aurora Space Station: The world’s first luxury space hotel

With a launch date set only four years from now, the world’s first (or should I say, galaxy first?) luxury space hotel, will be an experience of a lifetime! Orion Span, whose mission is to create sustainable communities in space through technological innovation and advancements, is behind this luxury space adventure. The luxury space hotel goes by the name of Aurora Space Station. The station aims to give an exclusive astronaut experience to its guests.

Aurora Space Station: The world’s first luxury space hotel
Image courtesy of NASA

Aurora Space Station out-of-this-world views of Planet Earth

Aurora Space Station will orbit at 200 miles providing you with an out-of-this-world views of Planet Earth. The station will complete an orbit every 90 minutes which means you’ll experience up to 16 sunsets and sunrises throughout your day. And if that is not enough, on Earth the Aurora Borealis is one of the most spectacular views, just take a moment to imagine what a view like that would be like in space… in one word, wow.

The deluxe accommodation will span 5,600 square feet and includes two private suites which can be separated into four suites. Aurora Space Station will host up to 6 people at one time, four guests, with the potential for one or two professional astronauts, and two crew. Twelve days in space on the Aurora Space Station will set you back around 9.5 million. Although the launch won’t be happening for a few years, a fully refundable deposit of $800,000 is able to be made now to secure a spot.

Aurora Space Station also serves as a research station

Not only is the Aurora Space Station a luxury hotel, but it also serves as a research station exploring zero gravity, food growth in space and understanding the universe. In a world first, guests can participate in that research making you an honorary astronaut.

To have this once-in-a-life-time opportunity you will need to complete a three-month training program before heading into space. But don’t fear! Most of that three-month training can be done online to obtain an Orion Span Astronaut Certification.

Aurora Space Station also serves as a research station
Image courtesy of Space News

Orion Span is at the forefront of innovative space architecture. The Aurora has the most windows ever in a space craft and has been designed in a “stack up” style with Orion Span looking to add more space condos in the future. Aurora Space Station is only the beginning for Orion Span.

If you want to be part of history in the making, this is your chance.

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