The world’s best breakfast is in Sydney at the Park Hyatt

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Breakfast at the Park Hyatt, Sydney

Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney

Sydney is home to the world’s best breakfast

It’s a bold statement to say the world’s best breakfast is in Sydney yet as someone who has travelled the world for a living for more than twenty years; I’m qualified to make this statement.

So where is this breakfast and why is it so good? Try the Park Hyatt Sydney in the Dining Room by James Viles.

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James Viles

Breakfast with Sydney Opera House and harbour views

Let’s start with the location. The Park Hyatt Sydney is situated between two icons, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It’s the Opera House that you gaze across to at breakfast and not even a Sea Princess can get in your way. It’s you and the harbour and the sails of the Opera House backgrounding an ever-moving feast of yachts and ferries and sneaker-wearing corporates. Nothing compares to this view whether a blue sky day or one pouring with rain. Each has its charm. Location 10/10

Sydney Opera House from the Park Hyatt Sydney Dining room
Sydney Opera House from the Park Hyatt Sydney Dining room

Hatted chefs serve up a Sydney breakfast

Then there’s the food prepared under the two-hatted James Viles of Biota fame. Viles was well known for his personal kitchen garden and his commitment to sustainability continues at the Park Hyatt. Chefs pickle and ferment in-house and Viles has beehives installed on the rooftop of the hotel. The honeycomb produced is a definite highlight at the buffet.

Pain au chocolat at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Pain au chocolat at the Park Hyatt Sydney

Although I’m not one for buffets, breakfast here is a hybrid. On offer from a buffet of sorts are a wonderful selection of mouth-watering bites but rather than piled high, there are only a few of each selection which are freshly topped up as they diminish.

The croissant at the Park Hyatt Sydney

The croissant is having its moment in the sun even though the pastry presents a huge challenge for many chefs but not at the Park Hyatt.  Buttery light layers of flaky pastry combine with melt-on-your-tongue chocolate when you bite into the pain au chocolat. There are also plain croissants just as buttery and while I’m not usually a Danish fan, here they are just ethereal. Then there are Portuguese tarts that could rival Lord Stows’ in Macau and vegemite scrolls for the locals.

Pastries at breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Pastries at breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney

The fruit selection has luscious pink grapefruit, shiny pineapple pieces and a host of curated fruits that await the health-conscious. The passionfruit are so good, I watched a guest pile her plate high with them and then spent the morning delicately spooning the plump pulp into her mouth.

Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Sydney

The gluten free are catered for with a delicious apple tart, orange pound cake and scrumptious mushroom quiche.

There are also yoghurts, Sonoma spelt muesli, fresh honeycomb and poached fruits but what I loved the most was the section on the menu called ‘the pantry’. This offers an unlimited amount of dishes brought to your table. So rather than having to help yourself to say the cheese platter on a buffet table, a whole plate is brought to your table fresh from the kitchen. If it’s not enough, you can order more at no extra charge. The unlimited menu offers assorted berries, antioxidant acai bowl, house-made Bircher muesli, farmhouse cheese selection and condiments, chilled soba and toast sesame and soya dressing as well as Tasmanian smoked salmon with sour cream and chives plus other tasty dishes.

Croissants at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Croissants at the Park Hyatt Sydney

Is this the world’s best breakfast?

But wait. There’s more. You can choose one of nine of the large plates. These include a spicy spanner crab omelette with fresh herbs and chilli oil, a soy linseed sourdough with avocado, lime, coriander and poached egg, toasted rye with creamed eggs and smoked salmon, chives and lemon, eggs benedict with spinach and hollandaise, ricotta pancakes with whipped ricotta, cinnamon and Malfroys honey.

Honeycomb at the Park Hyatt Sydney
Honeycomb at the Park Hyatt Sydney

Tea and coffee are not forgotten and are provided in silver pots delivered steaming hot to the table and are also unlimited.

The icing on the cake is the price. While the Park Hyatt Sydney has the label of perhaps the most elegant hotel in Sydney with a price to match, the breakfast is amazing value. Everything just mentioned costs $55 in total and with a multimillion-dollar view it is worth every cent.

Champagne breakfast in Sydney

However, if you want to go all out you could add a breakfast cocktail such as a Taittinger champagne mimosa for $31 or a non-alcoholic lemon marmalade wine and hibiscus for $14 . Or if you are feeling particularly flash perhaps a bottle of wonderfully chilled 2012 Dom Perignon for $675?

davidson plum spritz hyatt
Davidson plum spritz

The Dining Room by James Viles also serves a three-course Business Lunch every Thursday and Friday, for $135 per person or a decadent dinner but you’ll need to save your pennies for that one.  Truly I cannot imagine a finer place across the globe from where to start the day.

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