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Wendy Wu: Group tours, private, independent and tailor made

Wendy Wu: Group tours, private, independent and tailor made

China sunset

With over 23 years of experience building strong bonds with local guides and catering to every style of travel, Wendy Wu Tours offers unique and enriching opportunities. Group tours as well as private, independent and tailor made tours are available to Central and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, South Korea, and even Central and South America. Offering Essential, Classic, Immerse Yourself and Deluxe Tours in partnership with dedicated local teams, Wendy Wu gives you an immense variety of tours from which to choose.

China sunset
Image courtesy of Pioneer & Beyond

With Wendy Wu Tours, you can rest assured, knowing their experienced team has got you covered, from organising flights and visas to accommodation and activities. No one does Asia like Wendy Wu Tours!

The Deluxe Tours at Wendy Wu, are a series of tours offering a more luxurious experience. These tours focus greatly on immersive, once-in-a-life-time experiences. Every hotel is hand-picked ensuring ultimate comfort at the end of an exciting day of cultural exploration.


Both the deluxe tours in China take you on a unique journey. However, they do share some deluxe experiences not to be missed. Both the Exquisite China and Legends of China tours offer a chance to participate in a Tai Chi class led by a Master at the Temple of Heaven, to sip Champagne at top the Great Wall of China and enjoy farewell cocktails at Cloud 9 bar in the Jinmao Towers. To make each trip stand out from the other, they do have one deluxe experience that is exclusive to each tour.

Exquisite China

15 Days

From $7,580 PP

With the opportunity to visit Chengdu’s Panda Conservation Centre, enjoy a Sichaun hot pot experience, a cruise down China’s famous Yangtze River, passing the Three Gorges and exploring the water towns of Zhujiajiao, the Exquisite China Tour takes you on a journey you will not forget.

A visit to the Terracotta Warriors and meeting with one of the discoverers is an added highlight and deluxe experience exclusive to the Exquisite China Deluxe Tours.

Legends of China

17 Days

From $8,180 PP

The highlights of this tour take you on an exploration of the Temple of Heaven and Guilin’s magical Sun and Peace Pagodas, a cruise of the stunning Li River, and the discovery of the bustling city of Shanghai. The exclusive deluxe experience during the Legends of China tour will take you on a three-day luxury river cruise you are guaranteed to love.

Legends of China
Image courtesy of Wendy Wu Tours

Vietnam and Cambodia

The history and rich culture of Vietnam and Cambodia, make these countries two of Asia’s most popular destinations. As such, Wendy Wu Tours offer not one or two but FIVE deluxe tours through the heart of Indochina, each with their own luxurious flair.

Jewels of Vietnam

13 Days

From $5,550 PP

The chance to learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine, adventure through the magnificent Mekong Delta, discover of the Imperial Citadel of Hue and cruise through crystal waters of Ha Long Bay is yours on the Jewels of Vietnam tour. To add to the luxury, the deluxe experiences include exploring the Mekong on a traditional Sampan, trying your hand at a cooking class in Hoi An, travelling by speedboat to enjoy an authentically prepared Vietnamese dinner and sharing lunch with the local nuns at Dong Thuyen pagoda. You are guaranteed to treasure this trip forever.

Classical Vietnam

18 Days

From $7,180 PP

This tour takes you on a journey discovering the secrets of the Mekong Delta in a traditional Sampan, a walk through the Imperial Citadel of Hue, a chance to explore the old-world influence and magic of Hoi An and to enjoy a 2-night cruise of Ha Long Bay. On top of all that you are invited to enjoy an AO cultural performance in Saigon, travel in style on your way to a traditional Vietnamese dinner and to indulge in a private water puppet show in Hanoi. Seriously… what more could you want?

Classical Vietnam
Image courtesy of Wendy Wu Tours

Heart of Indochina

19 Days

From $8,380 PP

Vietnamese cooking is some of the freshest and most delicious of Asian cuisines and in the Heart of Indochina tour you’re given the opportunity to learn the secrets of success to prepare your own authentic Vietnamese meal. You can kick back and relax on a cruise through to remarkable waters of Ha Long Bay, explore Luang Prabang stunning a Buddhist haven and get lost amongst the Angkor temples in Siem Reap. You will bear witness to an important cultural show in Saigon, travel by speedboat to a traditional Vietnamese dining experience and enjoy a private water puppet show in Hanoi. And finally, the cherry on the top, will have you sipping Champagne at sunset in Phnom Krom.

Cambodia and Vietnam Revealed

20 Days

From $8,280 PP

For a combination of city exploration and ultimate relaxation, Cambodia and Vietnam Revealed is the trip for you! On this tour, you will get lost amongst the Angkor temples in Siem Reap, explore the ‘Pearl of Asia’ Phnom Penn, discover Vietnams capital Hanoi, experience the AO cultural show in Saigon and enjoy an authentic Vietnamese dinner. To unwind from the adventures of the trip you can indulge in traditional massages in Siem Reap, sip Champagne at sunset in Phnom Krom and relax on a two-night cruise of Ha Long Bay. After all, what is a holiday without a little rest and relaxation?

The Majestic Mekong

22 Days

From $12,380 PP

This tour truly lives up to its name and will see you cruising down the Mekong on five-star RV Jahan, learning from a Master the techniques of water puppet making, trying you hand at cooking like a local and sipping champagne while the sunsets over Angkor Wat. How could this trip possibly get better? Well… it does! You will also experience a traditional AO show in Saigon, enjoy a dinner cruise on Saigons famous Lady Hau, spend two nights on a luxury cruise of Ha Long Bay and sip more sunset Champagne in Phnom Krom. Luxury cruises and water puppet making – if I had to pick a tour, this would be it.

The Majestic Mekong
Image courtesy of Wendy Wu Tours


India is magical and mysterious. The colours, spices, incense and energy of the country is utterly thrilling. Both the Glimpse of India and the Essence of India offer that opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this glorious country.

Glimpse of India

9 Days

From $4,680 PP

The Glimpse of India, shows the highlights of the country in style. An exploration of the incredible architecture of New and Old Delhi, watching the sunrise over Taj Mahal, discovering the ghost city of Fatephpur Sikri in Agra and the hues and colourful architecture of Jaipur the ‘Pink City’ are all on offer. Adding to the adventure you can experience a cooking demonstration in Jaipur, an exclusive night tour of the Amber Fort followed by exceptional dinner, explore the Kingdom of Dreams and go on a Tuk Tuk adventure in the auto rickshaws of Agra. With everyday promising adventure, the Glimpse of India is an enticing tour to embark on.

Essence of India

19 Days

From $9,780 PP

The Essence of India takes you to Udaipur the ‘City of Lakes’, Jodpur the ‘Sun City’ Mehangarh Fort, Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh and a cruise along the spiritual waters of the Ganges in Varanasi. You have the chance to experience a cooking demonstration in Jaipur, an exclusive night adventure inside the Amber Fort, watch the sun rise over one of the most romantically inspired buildings in India – the Taj Mahal and have the unique opportunity to witness a puja ceremony on Varanasi Ghats. This tour really takes you to the heart of India and will leave you wanting more.

Essence of India
Image courtesy of Wendy Wu Tours

Wendy Wu Tours think of everything, leaving you with nothing to worry about and only a bag to pack. Every single one of these deluxe tours offers a unique experience that will stay with you forever.


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