Surfing Australia and Bali with Nusa Indah Surfboards

Nusa Indah Surfboards

Surfing is an art form. It’s finding freedom, spirituality and a connection with something far greater than yourself. Every surfer is different, as is every wave. But for a surfer, having the right board can make or break your time out on the water. Australian brand Nusa Indah Surfboards creates art for the oceans; bespoke surfboards designed to look as good as they make you feel.

Nusa Indah Surfboards
Image courtesy of Nusa Indah Surfboards

Jada McNeil: Nusa Indah Surfboards

Never far from the ocean is Jada McNeil, designer and creator of Nusa Indah Surfboards. Growing up in a surfing family and community, McNeil was exposed to the world of surfing at a young age. At the age of five she would ride on the nose of her father’s board but quickly started riding her own waves.

McNeil’s parents co-owned a surf charter boat operating around Lombok and Sumbawa in Bali. Spending much of her time growing up between Australia and Bali, McNeil has a strong connection with the island, something that can be seen in her striking surfboard designs. When she was still in her final year of school, McNeil owned and operated her own surf school, known as the Saltwater Surf School.

Nusa Lembongan: Her favourite island

After spending five years studying Psychology, along with running the surf school, it was time for a break. Not long after embarking on a round the world trip, McNeil discovered she was pregnant so she returned to Australia. Two more followed shortly after. While raising her children she began a new business venture where she designed and imported quality homewares, jewellery and fashion from her favourite island, Nusa Lembongan. After her own personalised surfboard gained interest, she began down the path of custom surfboards, namely focused on the female surfer. From there Nusa Indah Surfboards was born.

Nusa Indah
Image courtesy of Nusa Indah

Shaping your Bespoke Surfboard to Perfection

In discussions with clients, McNeil and her team of Australian craftsmen will design the perfect surfboard for individuals based on their style, ability, regular surf conditions and frequency of surfing. From there the craftsmen take over. The team are highly skilled and will hand shape each board to the design specifications. Shaping custom boards for over 30 years, Rod Rose sure knows what he’s doing. In a world where computers have taken over the design and modelling of most consumer products, it’s refreshing to see the team at Nusa Indah sticking to traditional methods.

Once your bespoke board has been shaped to perfection and the hand printed fabric inlay in complete, Lance Jagoe, who has worked alongside Rod Rose for 18 years, will expertly glass the board as the final touch. And there you have it, your bespoke surfboard.

Between surf sessions, the beautifully designed surfboards double as a piece of exquisite artwork for the home being both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Designs in differing shapes, patterns and sizes are available on the website with prices starting at AU $1,500.

Jada McNeil: Nusa Indah Surfboards
Image courtesy of Nusa Indah

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