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Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga, the Island Paradise

Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga, the Island Paradise

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Set sail on a Sunsail private yacht and swim with humpback whales off the shores of the Tongan Archipelago.

Made up of 176 islands and even more beaches, Tonga is an island paradise with a lot to give. With some of the world’s most pristine island waters, snorkelling, diving and blue water sailing are island favourites. For a chance to take the trip from memorable to unforgettable, go for a swim with the locals – the humpback whales of Tonga.

Image courtesy of Tourism Tonga

Explore Tonga with Sunsail

From majestic creatures of the ocean to private yachts, Sunsail are experts in navigating the hidden gems of Tonga. With over 40 years of experience designing bespoke holidays, you can be sure your journey through the Kingdom of Tonga will be exceptional. Experienced sailors can charter their own yacht or take it easy with a skipper.

Explore the Tongan village on Neiafu, before setting sail toward Port Maurelle Bay. Get to know some of Tonga’s diverse marine life in Port Maurelle. From Port Maurelle, island hop to Tapana for some of the best snorkelling in the region. And for a unique experience, head to the floating art gallery to see the artworks of Tongan locals.

From Vava’u, Ha’apai or ‘Eau, you can swim with some of the planet’s largest animals – the majestic humpback whale. A truly breathtaking experience.

Nowhere in Tonga will welcome you quite like Lape. Sing and dance with the locals on Lape before sailing over a sunken volcano on the way to the beachside resort on Lotuma.

Not far from Lotuma is Mainer’s Cave – a must for divers. The cave is only accessible underwater, making it an exclusive experience. Dive a few metres below the surface and resurface in a chamber lit with ethereal turquoise light. Magical.

Sunsail Tonga
Image courtesy of Sunsail

Our favourite humpback whale facts:

  1. Tonga is a haven for humpback whales. They “get to know each other” (insert eyebrow wiggle here), give birth and raise their calves in Tonga’s warm waters.
  2. Got milk? Baby humpback whales drink up to 600 L of milk per day.
  3. Not all whales sing. In fact, only the males will sing and scientist don’t know why. Could it be the male version of a siren call or is it a warning to other whales in the area?
  4. Whale songs are also completely unique to their pod – kind of like having their own language.
  5. Although dolphins might get credit for being the acrobats of the ocean, humpback whales can lift their entire 40 tonne bodies completely out of the water.
  6. When it comes to lung capacity, humpbacks win hands down with lungs the size of a small car.
  7. To some Indigenous Australian tribes, the humpback whale is a powerful and sacred ancestor. Considered part of the Dreamtime, whales are described as immortal beings with power over the oceans and those that live under the sea.

For the best opportunity to see and swim with humpback whales, set sail between July and October with Sunsail.

Image courtesy of Sunsail

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