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Surf wave pool launch in Yeppoon, Queensland

Surf wave pool launch in Yeppoon, Queensland


Smoking surf is coming courtesy of Surf Lakes Yepoon

surf yeppoon
Surfers in Yepoon

Slick surf barrels in Queensland

Standing on a grassy bank observing an oversized and peculiar looking coffee plunger soaking in a catchment of glassy stillness, excitement and enthusiasm is beginning to build.

The sun begins bidding farewell, radiating spectacular hues, and providing a tranquil ambience, despite the mysterious robot continuing to cast its shadows towards a growing crowd.

With the sounds of a didgeridoo dancing through the air, and a swarm of surfboards making a beeline for the central machine, anticipation heightens, and guests rise to their feet, heading towards the water’s shallows – cameras, phones, and wide eyes ready for what is to come…

On the sound of an alarm, signalling ‘all system’s go’, a loud growl and burst of steam from the plunger ripples across the sky, as the water beneath creates its first swells.

Welcome to the biggest break in surf park innovation – Surf Lakes Yeppoon.

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It all started with a ripple…

Surf Lakes Yepoon
Surf Lakes Yepoon

Aaron Trevis talks about surf lake development Yepoon

Yeppoon local, surfer and engineer Aaron Trevis was skimming rocks with his kids in the water back in 2013 when his ground-breaking idea was born.

What followed was plenty of research, observance, and interaction with nature, together with ongoing testing and trials, before constructing the prototype research and development surf lake facility in Yeppoon.

Committed to producing a product which delivered the most authentic surf experience possible, Aaron and the team developed their unique concentric wave making technology, creating waves to ensure the end user has an awesome ocean-like experience.

As Surf Lakes Holding Ltd embarks on its 6th birthday in 2022, their team of 28 have much reason to celebrate.

The machine design and engineering has been refined and is now in detailed commercial design phase, and, in a landmark moment for Surf Lakes, Livingstone Shire Council recently passed the Development Approval for the current Research and Development site in Yeppoon, which is set to be the first operational Surf Lake in the world.

The future of Surf Lakes Yeppoon

While the site is not yet open to the public, this vision is fast becoming a reality.

The $187 million Surf Lakes tourist attraction will include a skate park, renewable energy facility, tourist park and short-term accommodation with cabins and camping sites.

Flagged as a massive and unique drawcard for the region and enticing surfers and visitors from all over the world, this development will place the Capricorn Coast on the national and international map for world-class tourism facilities.

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