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Space Ballooning

Space Ballooning

Space has been an alluring mystery for hundreds of years. People love to speculate about what it’s like up there, whether there other life forms and question the authenticity of Armstrong’s moon landing. Imagine for a moment, seeing the world from space, not through footage or photographs, but first hand. Virgin Galactic has been working toward commercial flights for almost a decade. Although there have been several delays over the years, Virgin Galactic is hoping to launch later this year, 2018 . The question is: what are you supposed to do while you wait for your space flight to finally take off? The answer to that question really couldn’t be any better: a near-space balloon flight.

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Near-space balloon flight, by Bloon, is your space travel ‘starters-pack’. Bloon offers an exclusive space balloon flight designed for four people and two crew members. It begins at one of the launch sites, followed by a smooth ascent into the atmosphere. Once at the 36km altitude, you will be blown away by the panoramic views, the blackness of space and the curvature of the Earth. When it’s time to come safely back to Earth the pod will detach itself from the balloon before making its way down. After detachment a parafoil will guide you the rest of the way down. With the round trip taking between five to six hours to complete, you will spend approximately 1.5 hours ascending, 2 hours floating and 1 hour descending. The journey is intimate but peaceful.

To see the world, to really see it, is something most of us can only dream of. That dream is becoming a reality with Virgin Galactic’s space flight underway and Bloon’s space ballooning experience. However, it’s definitely only a reality for those of us who can afford it. This high-end experience costs between $75,000 and $124,000. Who wouldn’t pay that for a day trip into space?

Devoid of combustible fuels, the near-space balloon flight with Bloon has zero emissions meaning there is no impact on the planet. An eco-friendly luxury balloon space flight – it certainly ticks all my boxes.

The balloon flight will give you a taste of what it’s truly like to see the world first hand. Astronauts have described the experience of seeing our planet from space as utterly life-changing.

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