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Just where to find that perfect bathrobe?

Just where to find that perfect bathrobe?

nontre robes
Nontre bathrobes
Nontre bathrobes for lockdown lives

The softest bathrobe to lounge around in lockdown

Is there anything more fabulous than swanning around in the softest of robes with a golden logo embroidered on the pocket to make you feel that little bit even more special?  The fluffy robe was something I looked forward to when checking into a lavish hotel. It was straight to the bathtub to try out their bubble bath and then on with the robe. So while there have been no hotels in lockdown, I was very excited to receive my soft white robe in divine packaging at my front door from I have been living in it ever since. It’s just like a warm security blanket that I can wrap around me all day whether in pyjamas or some sort of leisurewear.

Now we’re allowed out for a tipple in the park, I’m dreading having to put on some real clothes and say farewell to my Nontre robe. Made of 100% cotton, it’s one of the softest robes I’ve felt and it’s a wonderful fit for my lockdown body!

Nontre is an Australian brand who is creating luxury household essentials and personal care. Their goal is to capture the essence of the land and sea in products via a range of unique fragrances and essential oils. From the nontre No.1 signature fragrance, to Rainforest, or Bergamot & Rosemary, they have a divine selection of scents for the home.

Their plant-based ingredients and essential oils fuse to produce divine fragrances, with every product being 100% cruelty-free and made ethically and sustainably. Their range spans all types of household care from laundry liquid to home and linen sprays to interior fragrances. Their signature scents are available in body milks, bath salts, hand wash and body scrubs. Environmentally friendly products include bamboo toothbrushes, reusable makeup remove pads, and bamboo body and facial brushes. Their decadent scents make being in lockdown dare I say, pleasant.

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