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Sipping on Sunshine: 23rd Street’s RTD Brings the Heat to Sydney

Sipping on Sunshine: 23rd Street’s RTD Brings the Heat to Sydney

23rd Street Distillery
23rd Street RTD
23rd Street Pineapple & Lime & Vodka

You don’t have to be a pirate to enjoy Beenleigh
Sipping on Sunshine: 23rd Street’s RTD Range Brings the Heat to Sydney Streets!

Who could resist the allure of an RTD (ready to drink) flavoured spirit under the radiant Sydney sun? The audacious and award-winning Australian spirit mavericks at 23rd Street Distillery have unveiled an array of concoctions, each a symphony of sweet, effervescent flavours.

Tropical Gin & Soda

Their latest range is a veritable explosion of taste, effortlessly satiating the desires of those in pursuit of delectable, hassle-free libations. Imagine a Tropical Gin & Soda, a masterful blend of Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit, and Finger Lime, or perhaps the lush Pomegranate and Raspberry, or the invigorating Pineapple and Lime, each impeccably fused with fine Australian vodka. A single sip transports you to the essence of a sparkling summer dream.

23rd Street Distillery RTD
23rd Street Distillery Tropical Gin & Soda

Beverages that are fashion statements!

These RTD delights from 23rd Street are not just beverages; they are fashion statements. Housed in slender, chic cans, they boast local ingredients and are adorned with vibrant, evocative artwork, each paying tribute to their distinctive flavour narratives.

Consider the Tropical Gin & Soda: a vibrant medley of tropical fruits — mango, pineapple, passionfruit, and finger lime, harmoniously blended with soda water, offering a sparkling, balanced indulgence, reminiscent of endless summer days. The can, a canvas for Rebecca Mills’ artistry, encapsulates this essence visually.

Pomegranate & Raspberry With Australian Vodka

23rd Street Distillery Pomegranate
23rd Street Distillery Pomegranate & Raspberry With Australian Vodka

Or the Pomegranate & Raspberry With Australian Vodka: here, the lushness of pomegranate, harvested from 23rd Street’s own orchards, meets the juiciness of raspberries, coupled with an award-winning Australian vodka, creating a sensation of bursting berries. This sensory delight is visually mirrored by Billie Justice Thomson’s artwork.

Pineapple & Lime With Australian Vodka

Pineapple & Lime With Australian Vodka
Pineapple & Lime With Australian Vodka

And not to be overlooked, the Pineapple & Lime With Australian Vodka: a vivacious coupling of juicy pineapple and zesty lime, balanced with premium vodka, yielding a sparkling, sweet, tropical escapade. Rebecca Mills’ artwork once again graces the can, bringing the flavour narrative to life.

Available in 300mL cans, these 23rd Street RTD Cocktails, with a 5% ABV, are offered in 4-packs and 24-pack cartons, accessible at national retailers including Dan Murphy’s and First Choice, and through Sippify.

Sarah Camerlengo, the Brand Manager of 23rd Street, elaborates, “ These beverages, with their dual flavour profiles, promise an elevated drinking experience in a convenient package. This premium range, infused with top-tier spirits and ingredients, is our way of delivering a slice of paradise, a fun, approachable drink ideal for sharing with friends in the summer sun.”

Tropical Gin & Soda
Tropical Gin & Soda

About 23rd Street Distillery

23rd Street Distillery’s historic site has stood its ground through the trials and seasons of more than a century, enabling the Australian spirits producers to create fearless spirits that are bold and full of flavour.

With a commitment to local produce and flavours that runs deep, the pick of sun-ripened goodness is in easy reach, bringing moments of spirited magic to the world. Surrounded by Australia’s prime citrus-growing country, 23rd Street also supports local farmers and grows their own fruit, enabling naturally zesty citrus to be a major player in their flavour palette.

The 23rd Street Distillery range includes an extensive portfolio of premium Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Brandy, Ouzo, Rum, RTD and Non-Alcoholic premixes. 23rd Street also work with talented Australian artists to bring the label design on every product to life, paying homage to the ingredients for a sensory drinking experience.

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