First Class will enlighten you with the latest products du luxe for staycations and vacations. From gold facial serums to the latest in paddleboards, we hope to inspire the voyeur inside you.

First Class will enlighten you with the latest products du luxe for staycations and vacations. From gold facial serums to the latest in paddleboards, we hope to inspire the voyeur inside you.


Mexican dancers by roger ce and unsplash
Kylie Keogh on Tequila

My early concept, and experience, of tequila was far from a high-brow one. It belonged to the late 1980s, when a bottle of red sombrero-capped Sierra tequila was cracked open at a friend’s house as we got ready for a night – illegally – at some terrible nightclub, wearing heels we couldn’t walk in and teased, lacquered fringes that gave us extra few inches of height.

Glenglassaugh Whisky Immerse Yourself©EstebanLaTes
Spirited Comeback: the Glenglassaugh Seaside Saga & Whisky Revival

In the shadows of the parent company, Brown-Forman, a formidable player in the spirits realm with brands like Jack Daniel’s, Old Forester, and Woodford Reserve, Glenglassaugh stands poised for another chapter of rejuvenation.

Brown Forman GlenDronach Scotch Whisky
Dr. Rachel Barrie’s Whisky Wonderland Down Under

Embarking on her maiden voyage to Australia, Dr. Barrie graced Elizabeth Bay House to pay homage to women in whisky.

Champagne by Billy Huynh and Unsplash
Mastering the Art of Pirie Late Disgorged 2011

Pirie Late Disgorged 2011 is draped in golden hues, emanating the tempting aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread, with a zesty lemon curd freshness stealing the spotlight.

jeremy beadle qnU UR0o5X8 unsplash
France v England: Who popularised the cufflink?

The fight over the popularising of cufflinks is akin to who invented the Pavlova? Australia or New Zealand. (Of course it was Australia BTW.) But just who popularised the cufflink? Was it King Charles II in the 17th century or was it during King Louis XIV’s reign also in the 17th century?

ivan torres MQUqbmszGGM unsplash
Wood fired pizza at home in 60 seconds

Dinner parties are fun again with the Gozney Roccbox. You can give your guests the topping choices and they can make their own pizza and then pop it into the stone baked oven for two minutes and voila – perfect pizza.

Feels Botanical Eau de Vie
Eau de vie is bar trending

There’s a new trend buzzing around the bars. Vodka and super premium tequilas have had their moment in the spotlight as has the booming gin market. Now is the time of Eau de Vie.

sydelle dining room
Washable vintage rugs for your holiday home

If only we had known about Miss Amara’s fabulous collection of Washable Weaves earlier. We have one now and it fits in perfectly to our beachy space. It’s part of the distressed vintage styles that are oh so chic with their pastels, beiges and neturals.

Martini with grapefruit twist
Never Never Distilling Co. and Hains & Co. launch Pink Peppercorn Gin

Pink peppercorn is hot hot hot especially when it comes to flavouring gin. Closely related to cashews, the pink peppercorn tree is sacred to Inca tribes who used all parts of the tree in medicine. So with such a healthful recommendation, I embarked on a sip of Never Never Pink Pepper Gin.

Hats by Hector J Rivas and unsplash
A guide to hat etiquette

I’m moving into the realms of Frank Sinatra, Inspector Gadget and Inspector Clouseau and it’s not my singing voice or my detective skills. I have my very own Malibu hat from Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton.

Skin Brightening Vitamin C ManukaRx
East Cape Manuka oil hailed as a miracle ingredient

There’s more to NZ than a good sauvignon blanc and a world-class rugby team. Oh and fab skiing. NZ is home to the Manuka tree which is known globally for its magic honey which has been celebrated for centuries.

sgalagaev ciqO0ns0Fhw/ unsplash
Koko Black’s Vegan Easter

Australian artisan chocolatier Koko Black has created yet another special Easter vegan range of melt-on-the-tongue chocolate.

Opening image credit: nadianb