First Class will enlighten you with the latest products du luxe for staycations and vacations. From gold facial serums to the latest in paddleboards, we hope to inspire the voyeur inside you.

First Class will enlighten you with the latest products du luxe for staycations and vacations. From gold facial serums to the latest in paddleboards, we hope to inspire the voyeur inside you.


Never Never Magarita
Never Never shaking up the gin biz

Never Never Distilling Co is shaking up the booze biz with its cheeky experiments, basically rewriting the cocktail rulebook.

Easter bunny by diana macesanu/ unsplash
Koko Black’s Easter Eggs

As the Easter tide approaches, brace yourselves, chocolate aficionados, for a treasure trove by Koko Black that’s set to redefine your sweet-tooth cravings.

Millon wines The Masterpiece Shiraz
Millon Wines launches the Masterpiece

Millon Wines have uncorked a revelation in the form of “The Masterpiece,” a Shiraz so magnificent, so teeming with the subtlety and nuance often reserved for its French cousins, that one might very well need to sit down upon tasting it.

Pacific Drifter Spiced Rum
Pacific Drifter Spiced Queensland Rum

Enter Pacific Drifter spiced rum, a liquid ode to the quintessential Aussie spirit, as iconic as an impromptu beach barbie. This nectar, born from the stickiest Queensland molasses  from local sugar canes – is a stroke of genius.

23rd Street Distillery
Sipping on Sunshine: 23rd Street’s RTD Brings the Heat to Sydney

The audacious and award-winning Australian spirit mavericks at 23rd Street Distillery have unveiled an array of concoctions, each a symphony of sweet, effervescent flavours.

Coffee beans by Tina Guina/ unsplash
Baristas are now obsolete with Jura’s J8

This caffeinated maestro effortlessly orchestrates an array of your preferred brews and diverse flavors with the mere touch of a button, ushering in an era of unparalleled convenience for coffee connoisseurs.

Never never gin
Never Never’s Coffee and Cacao gin tastes like tiramisu but better

Never Never Distilling Co has once again partnered with the Italian flavour maestro, Lorenzo Antinori, renowned for his mixology prowess, to craft a distinctive and thrilling gin for his latest venture, Bar Leone, in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of ZoltanTasi/unsplash
Yo ho ho and a bottle of Beenleigh

Perhaps I’m too romantic when I envisage pirates but I’ve always wished I lived in the days when I could perch a parrot on my shoulder and find me some buried treasure.

tessa rampersad 5toRIWF2GUY unsplash
Koko Black’s Chocolate Christmas

Christmas and chocolate have been BFFs since the middle ages, back when the winter solstice brought in the toughest season of the year. Back then, folks would keep warm by burning a log in the fireplace for as long as possible, and if it didn’t last three days, that was considered bad luck according to Catholic beliefs.

Mexican dancers by roger ce and unsplash
Kylie Keogh on Tequila

My early concept, and experience, of tequila was far from a high-brow one. It belonged to the late 1980s, when a bottle of red sombrero-capped Sierra tequila was cracked open at a friend’s house as we got ready for a night – illegally – at some terrible nightclub, wearing heels we couldn’t walk in and teased, lacquered fringes that gave us extra few inches of height.

Glenglassaugh Whisky Immerse Yourself©EstebanLaTes
Spirited Comeback: the Glenglassaugh Seaside Saga & Whisky Revival

In the shadows of the parent company, Brown-Forman, a formidable player in the spirits realm with brands like Jack Daniel’s, Old Forester, and Woodford Reserve, Glenglassaugh stands poised for another chapter of rejuvenation.

Brown Forman GlenDronach Scotch Whisky
Dr. Rachel Barrie’s Whisky Wonderland Down Under

Embarking on her maiden voyage to Australia, Dr. Barrie graced Elizabeth Bay House to pay homage to women in whisky.

Opening image credit: nadianb