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Paul Gauguin Cruises launches 2025 Tahiti & Cook Islands Moana Explorer Program

Paul Gauguin Cruises launches 2025 Tahiti & Cook Islands Moana Explorer Program

Kids can explore the lagoon's wildlife with a naturalist in the onboard family program.

Le Paul Gaugin for kids in Tahiti and Cook Islands

The Gaugin
The Gauguin’s small size allows her to maneuver from deep seas to shallow lagoons as nimbly as a yacht.

Tahiti and Cook Island sailings for families with Paul Gaugin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises has unfurled the enchanting tapestry of its 2025 Moana Explorer Program. Aboard the distinguished m/s Paul Gauguin, this curated symphony of 11 dedicated summer and holiday sailings beckons the younger connoisseurs of wanderlust.

Specially crafted for the refined palates of children aged seven to fifteen, the complimentary program blossoms in harmony with Te mana o te moana – a revered South Pacific marine education and conservation foundation. A choreography of hands-on, interactive activities, both on the vessel and ashore, unfolds, showcasing the natural wonders and distinctive cultures of the region with artful finesse.

Kids bridge tour on the Gaugin
Kids bridge tour on the Gaugin

In the eloquent words of Deb Corbett, the maestro directing the ballet of Sales and Marketing in Asia Pacific, the pride swells at the fifth-year milestone in exclusive partnership with Te mana o te moana. This program transcends the ordinary cadence of children’s programs, weaving indelible memories from enriched odysseys across the South Pacific – memories destined to be cradled in the hearts of the young travelers for a lifetime.

Naturalist led excursions on cruises in Tahiti

Each odyssey resonates with a melange of naturalist-led island and beach excursions, scientific revelries, artistic pursuits, playful diversions, and a spectrum of other adventures. Depending on the maritime odyssey’s nuanced itinerary, patrons may delve into the subaquatic realms, conduct aqueous experiments, fashion naturalistic jewelry, partake in treasure hunts, unravel the tapestry of Tahitian culture, discover island legends and geology, and even engage in the artistic alchemy of designing a Polynesian tattoo, among a plethora of enthralling possibilities.

The Moana Explorer Program

The Moana Explorer program, a sonnet of sophistication, demands the imprimatur of reservation at the time of booking. Offered bilingually, in the poetic nuances of both English and French, this avant-garde program presently graces select 2024 itineraries and the recently unveiled 2025 sailings, seamlessly embedded within the sinuous folds of Paul Gauguin Cruises’ all-encompassing, all-inclusive ethos.

Bora Bora Tahiti Cruising
Bora Bora Tahiti Cruising

In an effusion of shared enthusiasm, Hélène Duran, the custodian of affairs at Te mana o te moana, extols the continuation of their symphony with Paul Gauguin Cruises into the tapestry of 2025. The profound bond is underscored by a shared commitment to the preservation of the idyllic ethos – the culture, fauna, and wilderness of French Polynesia. It is an embodiment of a poignant acknowledgment that today’s progeny stand as the stewards of tomorrow’s planetary legacy.

The Moana Explorer Program unfolds its enchantment across a spectrum of maritime odysseys in 2024 and 2025:

Snorkelling in Tahiti with Paul Gaugin Cruises
Snorkelling in Tahiti with Paul Gaugin Cruises

Tahiti & the Society Islands: Embark on an extraordinary 8-day voyage from Tahiti, an odyssey woven with the splendors of the Society Islands. The breathtaking landscapes and enchanting historical and cultural treasures of Huahine, motu Mahana, Bora Bora, and Moorea shall be revealed. Departures from June 22, 2024, to August 23, 2025, beckon the discerning, with rates commencing from AU $6,390 per person*.

Cook Islands and Society Island cruises

Cook Islands & Society Islands: A twelve-day odyssey unfurls, commencing from Tahiti and traversing the resplendent landscapes and historical tapestry of the Society Islands. Embarking on a southern trajectory, this voyage embraces the Cook Islands, specifically the crystalline waters of the Aitutaki lagoon and the captivating silhouette of Rarotonga. One departure, from December 27, 2025, to January 7, 2026, awaits the connoisseur, with rates beginning at AUD 8,110 per person*.

Pearls of the Society Islands: Set sail from Papeete for an exceptional 8-day cruise, delving into the treasure trove of the Society Islands. Immerse in the splendor of Huahine; the cradle of Polynesian culture on the mythical island of Raiatea; the majestic ballet of colorful fish undulating through the turquoise waters of motu Mahana, a small, private paradise steeped in the scent of vanilla; and Bora Bora’s stunning lagoon and distinctive volcanic silhouette. Departures from July 20, 2024, to August 30, 2025*, enchant the seeker, with rates commencing from AUD 5,980 per person*.

paul gaugin cruises bora bora lagoon
Paul Gaugin cruises Bora Bora lagoon

Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands: Embark on an exceptional 15-day odyssey from Papeete, weaving through the Polynesian treasures of Tuamotu Islands, the mystique of Fakarava atoll, the natural sanctuaries of Fatu Hiva and Hiva Oa, and the verdant realms of Nuku Hiva. The voyage culminates with a mesmerizing finale at the iconic Bora Bora lagoon. Four departures beckon from December 21, 2024, to August 9, 2025, with rates commencing at AUD 11,070 per person*.

Society Islands & Tuamotus: An exceptional 11-day journey unfolds, departing from Tahiti and exploring the treasures of the Society Islands. Revel in the aquatic wonders of Rangiroa in the Tuamotus and delve into the lush rainforests, crystalline lagoons, and palm-fringed landscapes of the Society Islands. One departure, from June 4, 2025, to June 14, 2025, awaits the cognoscenti, with rates beginning at AUD 8,230 per person*.

Kids can explore the lagoon's wildlife with a naturalist in the onboard family program.
Kids’s participating in the onboard family program, explore the lagoon at Motu Mahana with the naturalist.

Marquesas in depth

Marquesas in Depth, Tuamotus & Society Islands: A grand 15-day saga, departing from Papeete, beckons the connoisseur to explore Polynesian treasures in depth. Traverse the Tuamotu Islands, delve into the mystique of Fakarava atoll, unveil the ancient customs of Marquesas, and revel in the natural splendor of Nuku Hiva and Ua Pou. Four departures from June 8, 2024, to August 24, 2024, unfold a narrative of opulence, with rates commencing at AUD 11,780 per person*.

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