New Luxury Boutique Hotel in Kefalonia

Eliamos Kefalonia Pikon Photography Eliamos

Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa in Kefalonia has opened

Eliamos Kefalonia Pikon Photography Eliamos
Eliamos Kefalonia Pikon Photography Eliamos

Kefalonia in Greece awaits the luxury traveller

Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa, is a new luxury boutique hotel in Kefalonia, set to launch on this May 2023.

Eliamos is a five-star retreat comprising 12 villas in a flourishing estate with a locally inspired restaurant, a Spa and an outdoor gym. Perched above a secret cove and remote beach, Eliamos strikes the perfect balance between seclusion and easy access to and from the island’s enchanting beaches, nature and towns. Argostoli, the capital, is just a 20-minute drive, boasting authentic tavernas, boutiques, and a buzzing port and piazza. Eliamos exudes the serenity of a villa retreat, yet offers access to the hotel’s five-star amenities.

Wellness in Kefalonia at Eliamos

Nature-based relaxation and wellness effortlessly take centre-stage at Eliamos. With an outdoor sea-facing gym complete with wooden Pilates reformer, professional yoga and pilates sessions and an expansive infinity salt-water pool and relaxation area, Eliamos aims to redefine the holiday, planting its roots in nature’s undisputed healing powers. Within Eliamos’ Spa, massages, reflexology and other treatments promise to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind, allowing guests to turn their gaze inward and take in the atmosphere in peace. All activities such as canoeing, paddle boarding, hiking and cycling are tethered to nature and will allow guests to experience Kefalonia’s authentic charm. Eliamos encourages its guests to slow down, switch off and connect with nature and loved ones.

Eliamos in Kefalonia by PikonPhotography
Eliamos in Kefalonia by PikonPhotography

With London-based interior architect, Maike, of Maike Gruna Interiors, at the helm, alongside her husband, who’s family originates from Kefalonia, Eliamos’ design aesthetic fuses luxury with an understated version of modernity that echoes Kefalonia’s unspoiled landscape. Award-winning Greek architect studio, Block722 have created a village-feel retreat, using local stone and wood, to harmoniously blend Eliamos with its natural surroundings.

Luxury villas in Greece

Each of the twelve spacious villas connect with the island’s earthy character, with sweeping sea views, acting as a private sanctuary of calm to suit the needs of every guest. Each one boasts a private saltwater pool or Jacuzzi, kitchen, outdoor dining area, barbeque and garden, providing a true home-from-home experience. Meanwhile, Eliamos’ largest villa consists of three bedrooms, all enjoying expansive sea views, a spacious living room with its own kitchen leading to a covered veranda, complete with an outdoor dining area, salt-water pool, Jacuzzi, terrace and garden.

Olive picking in Greece

Harnessing the power of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Eliamos gives way to authentic yet refined dishes with a health-conscious approach. Guests of all ages can expect to enjoy Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist, prepared with ingredients sourced from local farmers and organic producers. Families will be able to reconnect with one another through interactive gastronomic experiences such as olive picking and cookery classes. 

Eliamos in Kefalonia by PikonPhotography
Eliamos in Kefalonia by PikonPhotography

Sustainable hotels in Greece

Eliamos proposes a stay rooted in sustainability, intertwined with nature’s abundance and putting forth an environmentally friendly character. Sustainability and nature permeate the Eliamos philosophy and manifest themselves throughout the guest experience. In addition, Eliamos has a roster of activities in place for all ages which foster relationships between oneself and nature. The resort is committed to its support of Wildlife Sense, a sea turtle research and conservation organisation on the island, where guests can learn about the endangered species and volunteer in the conservation efforts.


Eliamos Kefalonia Pikon Photography Eliamos
Eliamos Kefalonia Pikon Photography Eliamos

 Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa is a five-star hotel, set on the southern shores of Kefalonia island, in Greece, situated just 15 minutes by car from Kefalonia International Airport and 20 minutes by car from the island’s capital, Argostoli. Set above a secluded beach, Eliamos’ family-friendly and refined modern village comprises 12 spacious villas looking out to dazzling sea vistas or sprawling olive groves. Eliamos exudes the comfortable familiarity of a private villa retreat, yet offers access to the hotel’s five-star amenities. Nature-based relaxation and wellness take centre-stage at Eliamos with an outdoor gym, saltwater swimming pool, Eliamos Spa and wellness activities including yoga and meditation. For more information, visit

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