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Never Never shaking up the gin biz

Never Never shaking up the gin biz

Never Never Magarita

Oyster Shell Gin Margaritas

Never never
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Never Never shaking up the gin biz

Never Never Distilling Co is shaking up the booze biz with its cheeky experiments, basically rewriting the cocktail rulebook. Their Oyster Shell Gin is changing the narrative on the traditional margarita, making it a must-sip this summer. Imagine the salty kiss of the ocean mingled with the zest of grapefruit, all jazzed up with a touch of agave – it’s the kind of drink that screams beach vibes, even if you’re just chilling in your backyard.

Gin that’s a beach in a bottle

Never never
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This gin isn’t just any gin. It’s a beach in a bottle, crafted with some seriously Aussie ingredients like Kangaroo Island oyster shell and Tasmania wakame, making it the ultimate partner-in-crime for any seafood feast. And because Never Never is all about that eco life, they’ve rolled out their Oyster Shell Gin in the ecoTOTE, making it not just good for your taste buds but for the planet too.

Oyster shell gives this gin a sea spray vibe

First hitting the scene in late 2021, this gin quickly became the darling of Melbourne’s Society restaurant, where it’s been winning hearts (and palates) ever since. According to Sean from Never Never, it’s the oyster shell that gives this gin its signature sea spray vibe, paired with a posse of coastal botanicals that make it unlike anything else you’ve sipped on.

Never never
Never Never Oyster Shell Gin

Forget the shoey, Never Never is serving up the Shelly

And for the adventurous drinkers, Never Never is serving up the “Shelly” – think of it as the sophisticated cousin of the Shoey. Just picture sipping their frosty gin straight from an oyster shell; it’s the kind of bold move that makes a night out unforgettable.

But wait, there’s more. They’re not stopping at shaking up your gin game. They’re eyeing the tequila scene too, proving their Oyster Shell Gin can whip up a coastal margarita that’ll make you forget tequila ever existed. Sean’s even throwing down the gauntlet, challenging anyone to a taste test with their gin-spiked Tommy’s Margarita or Paloma.

Never Never Distilling Co is all about that good-time gin, from beachy martinis to “Shelly” shots. It’s clear they’re on a mission to keep the party vibes rolling all year long, making waves with their inventive flavors and eco-friendly moves. So, if you’re looking to level up your cocktail game, Never Never’s got you covered.

Never Never Magarita
Never Never Magarita

Oyster Shell Gin Margarita

The Ingredients
60mL Oyster Shell Gin
30mL Lime juice
15mL Agave nectar
Bar spoon of jalapeno brine
Salt rim and chili pepper to garnish

The Method
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice
Strain cocktail into pre salt rimmed glass

Garnish with salt rim and chili

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