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Never Never Distilling Co and Maybe Sammy launch Beeswax & Honey Gin

Never Never Distilling Co and Maybe Sammy launch Beeswax & Honey Gin

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Take some money and plenty of honey wrapped up in a Never Never martini

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Never Never Distilling Co’s Dark Gin series

There’s something very owl and pussy cat-ish about the Never Never Distilling Co’s twelfth iteration of their Dark Gin series collaboration. At first glance, you read beeswax and olive and you think how could that possibly go together but the answer is that it’s a marriage made by a turkey who lived on a hill in the land where the bong tree grows. Break out the quince people.

Honey and grapefruit highball

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The suggested serving is in a honey and grapefruit highball which would be delish but not having any grapefruit a ma maison, I’ve teamed it up with elderflower tonic water and wow taste sensation overload. I think I should be a mixologist! However, I will leave that to the incredible cocktail makers at Maybe Sammy who have teamed up with the Never Never Distilling Co to make this divine gin.

Ligurian beeswax in gin

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This gin uses Ligurian beeswax and raw honey from the world’s rarest and purest colony of Ligurian bees located on our very own Kangaroo Island.  Purebred Ligurian bees were eliminated from their homeland in the Mediterranean because of interbreeding and disease and thus on Kangaroo Island, other subspecies of bees are prohibited so that only purebreds will result. The elite honey made by this aristocratic bee is fused with Kalamata olive brine from Lloyd Brothers Olives located at their McLaren Valley distillery. Packed with savoury flavour it combines wonderfully with the sweet floral notes of the wax and raw honey.

When used in a martini, the waxy mouthfeel carries the other botanical complexities and links perfectly with the olive garnish.

The Dark Series Beeswax and Olive Gin, made in collaboration with Maybe Sammy, was built with love from ingredients intrinsic to both the identity of Stefano Catino co-founder and owner of Maybe Sammy.

Triple juniper gin process

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Beeswax and Olive Gin still utilises the Triple Juniper Process which is at the heart of every gin produced at Never Never Distilling Co. It was created specifically to make luxurious martinis, complex highballs and fragrant spritz serves.

Buzz on down to Maybe Sammy for a taste of this eclectic gin or hop on to the website to purchase a bottle.

Tasting notes

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Look: Brilliant and clear. Light clouding occurs when you add tonic due to natural oils present in the botanicals.

Nose: Honeysuckle, orange blossom, and fragrant juniper.

Taste: The palate is rich and creamy with notes of salted honey on biscotti, Honeysuckle, orange blossom, and fragrant juniper.

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