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Michel Reybier Hospitality opens L’Oscar London

Michel Reybier Hospitality opens L’Oscar London

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A luxury hotel in London’s Southampton Row

L'oscar London Accommodation Suites by Gregoire Gardette
L’oscar London Accommodation Suites by Gregoire Gardette

L’oscar London is a tribute to Oscar Wilde

 “Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!”
― Oscar Wilde

L’oscar London was conceived with the belief that a hotel is a theatre: a stage where performances of the utmost quality are played out and every detail is considered for the enjoyment of the guest.

Named to pay tribute to Oscar Wilde, L’oscar London ties into the literary history of the area, being home to writers, philosophers, and artists including Virginia Woolf, E.M Forster, and Lytton Strachey, known as the ‘Bloomsbury Set’.

A luxury hotel set inside a former Baptist Church headquarters

L'oscar London Exterior  by Gregoire Gardette
L’oscar London Exterior by Gregoire Gardette

L’oscar London is in the former headquarters of the Baptist Church which has now been restored and refurbished in all its Baroque glory by renowned French architect and designer Jacques Garcia. He organised a huge number of master craftsmen to restore historic features such as marble fireplaces, oak panelled walls and ceilings with curlicue plasterwork. Garcia also added his own touches such as crystal hummingbirds which swoop around a seven storey chandelier, silk screens embroidered with peacock feathers and a bar which glows like molten lava.

The hotel offers 39 bedrooms of which 18 are suites and is also home to L’oscar Restaurant and Baptist Bar alongside other more unique function spaces for smaller and larger meetings and events.

The first London hotel for Michel Reybier Hospitality

Built in 1856 in Victorian style, the building was extended between 1901 and 1903 and is located on Southampton Row, nestled between Covent Garden and Bloomsbury, and a short walking distance from the British Museum. Not only is this the first hotel of Michel Reybier Hospitality in London, but it’s also the first time that the renowned architect Jacques Garcia has designed a London hotel.

L'oscar London Culinary L'oscar Restaurant by Gregoire Gardette
L’oscar London Culinary L’oscar Restaurant by Gregoire Gardette

Located on the ground floor, L’oscar Restaurant is the bustling heart of the hotel, with its illuminated onyx bar and décor inspired by the world’s oldest Café in Venice, with walls and ceilings lined with mirrors, gilded panels and stunning original art. L’oscar offers all the sophistication and charm of a Parisian Café. A food lover’s lair, it is the place to go for a delectable breakfast, bistrostyle lunch and an intimate evening dinner, or simply for a late-night dessert and a soothing glass of wine from Château La Mascaronne or Les Pagodes de Cos.

L'oscar London Accommodation Suites by Gregoire Gardette
L’oscar London Accommodation Suites by Gregoire Gardette

About Michel Reybier Hospitality

For more than 20 years, Michel Reybier has been blazing the trail for a singular, highly contemporary vision of luxury and hospitality. Each of the Michel Reybier Hospitality destinations upholds his cherished values of excellence, authenticity and simplicity. Whether in a hotel, a villa or a private apartment, in the mountains or by the sea, in the countryside, in the heart of the vineyards or in the city… A sole requirement: namely exceptional places that throb with a distinctive emotion. A sole ambition: to share a refined art of living, dedicated above all else to our guests’ well-being and pleasure. This holistic approach is based on unforgettable experiences, where sport, food, wellness and passion form an inseparable whole. This approach is supported by the medical expertise of Nescens, whose ultimate goal is to ensure people live better, healthier lives for as long as possible. The promise of instilling meaning into each and every moment.

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