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Luxury distancing in the Maldives – Indian Ocean Liveaboard

Luxury distancing in the Maldives – Indian Ocean Liveaboard

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Opulence in Indian Ocean Liveaboards

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Over half the population of Australia wish to travel in ‘pods’, staying close to family and friends in intimate settings where they feel safe. The Maldives are catering for this type of traveller with the Liveaboard holiday. These small group experiences offer adventure in opulence. Dive, surf, dine, wine or read your favourite novel on a liveaboard which offer easy access to lesser known pockets of these paradise style islands.

You may need to be handy with a bat or ball to be soaking up the Maldives at present but plan for 2022 when even couch potatoes may be able to luxuriate in the tepid azures of the Indian Ocean.

So what to choose?

Dhinasha – Diving in the North and South Male, North and South Ari, and Rasdhoo atolls

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The cosy Dhinasha is perfect for small groups wanting a traditional ocean experience. Dives take place from a traditional Dhoni and keen divers get the chance to explore the North and South Male, North and South Ari, and Rasdhoo atolls. Guests can sunbath on the sun-drenched deck, enjoy fresh daily meals and enjoy the simple life one island at a time.     

Ocean Sapphire Yacht Charter – Luxury traveller

Ocean Sapphire Yacht Charter is ideal for the contemporary luxury traveller. Relish the vast open ocean views whilst supping on fare prepared by your onboard chef or dive into an ocean adventure on one of the Ocean Sapphire’s jet skis.

Emperor Virgo – Dive in some of the Maldives’ most remote locations

This spacious, open and luxurious liveaboard offers guests the opportunity to explore reefs, soft corals, and drift diving. All dives commence on a traditional Dhoni, allowing divers to easily reach some of the Maldives’ most remote locations. Guests can wine and dine with international cuisine prepared daily in one of two exceptional onboard restaurants.

Honors Legacy – For those with wanderlust and an adventurous spirit

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Those who lust after beauty, style and elegance need the Honors Legacy. Guests can enjoy the magnificence of a Maldivian sunset on the top deck Jacuzzi ® with a cocktail in hand. Foodies will delight in the local and international cusine prepared daily from local produce. Diving is taken to new heights as guests embark on their adventure via a traditional Dhoni. From the North to South Atolls, this liveaboard is perfect for those with a sense of wanderlust and an adventurous spirit.

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