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Liquid Bling: A $50,000 Cocktail?!

Liquid Bling: A $50,000 Cocktail?!

A Mercedes A Class or a Champagne Cocktail? Take your choice. Billionaires are increasing and so is the list of excess. Whilst we can’t tell you just what $50,000 in liquid assets tastes like, these beverages at least come with a sparkly surprise.

Image courtesy of Reka Moscow Restaurant

Reka’s Champagne Cocktail, Moscow, US$50,000

Unfortunately for cocktail enthusiasts, nobody will be getting their hands on this creation again. Only one of these US$50,000 masterpieces was ever sold at the opening of Reka Moscow’s Ice Terrace.  The cocktail contained three 1.5-carat diamonds from the event’s jewellery sponsor, the Italian company Crivelli. Andrey Melnikov, an entrepreneur and regular guest at Reka became the proud imbiber of the exclusive cocktail.Image courtesy of Reka Moscow Restaurant

Ruby Rose, White Barn Inn, Maine,  US$40,000

The White Barn Inn is where wealthy businessmen, celebrities and politicians seek a lot of luxury and a little discretion, with rooms for more than US$800 a night. The Ruby Rose cocktail, only available for six months in 2013, was concocted with Hanger One Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, pomegranate and a dash of rosewater to mark the Inn’s 40th anniversary. Did we mention it also came with a four carat ruby sourced from India by a delegated New York jeweller?

Diamonds Are Forever, Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, US$18,000

Want a definite ‘Yes’ when you propose?

The Diamonds Are Forever, Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, US$18,000 cocktail  has been designed as a unique way for men to propose to their girlfriends. This is truly a martini with adrenaline. Chilled grey goose and a lime twist are poured over a one carat diamond – so sip slowly. Only two have been sold so far but it remains available at the 45-storey high bar overlooking one of Japan’s greatest cities.

Ritz Carlton Tokyo
Photo courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Diamond Is Forever, Uncorked, New York, US$10,000

Not to be confused with Tokyo’s Diamonds Are Forever, this NYC beauty from Uncorked will set you back US$10,000. It’s also a martini with a focus on weddings, but this one takes it one step further, containing a custom designed engagement ring. Be sure to plan 72 hours in advance because ordering this means a consultation with the jewellery designer and co- owner Andy Goetz to ensure your bride-to-be is left speechless.

Un corked NYC
Photo from Uncorked NYC

Ono, XS Nightclub, Las Vegas, US$10,000 CONTACTED

This Vegas champagne cocktail comes with an unopened bottle of Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie and custom designed glassware. The star ingredient, however, is Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl, a rare cognac that retails for over $2,000 per shot. The drink was designed with both men and women in mind, so Club XS’s creation comes with a luxury set of cufflinks for the men and a gold, diamond, and pearl necklace for the women, although we’re sure you can swap.

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