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Old Kempton Distillery serves a top Tassie Tipple, Hobart, Tasmania

Old Kempton Distillery serves a top Tassie Tipple, Hobart, Tasmania

Dysart House Kempton

Tasmanian whisky just outside of Hobart

Barrels of Whisky at Old Kempton Distillery
Barrels of Whisky at Old Kempton Distillery

Lavender whisky from Tasmania

When it comes to whisky, a drop of water is a great thing because it releases the hydrophobic elements. Now what does that even mean? It means you can detect the scents and it will be more flavoursome on the palate. I’m not sure if the Scots would agree but in Australia, we’re not so big on ceremony but we are definitely all about taste. And that is what the boutique whisky distillery Old Kempton Distillery, just outside of Hobart, is about.  

Distilleries are a relatively new public attraction for Hobart, with the first commercial distillery opening in 1989. However Tasmanian whisky has been being distilled since the 1820s in illicit stills. The landscape and Hibernian links lends themselves to a dram.

Old Kempton Whisky is set in Dysart House

Lavender liqueur
Lavender liqueur

Set inside a majestic stone building, named Dysart House around forty minutes from Hobart is Old Kempton Whisky set in the picturesque town of Kempton. This is not just about having a dram and going on your merry way. Old Kempton offers tasting flights that include whisky, gin and liqueurs. Unique to Old Kempton is their Lavender Malt. It is a divine colour and would look amazing on any table. Made with a secret recipe and combined through copper stills, this Lavender malt has hints of honey, spice and lavender! You can serve it from the freezer, neat over ice cream or with soda and ice. It’s a great gift to bring home with some of the other goodies which fill the cellar door.

These include locally made Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter, Tassie Settlers Whisky Sauces, Van Diemen Providore products and Port Arthur Lavender Farm products.

The newly built distillery building is home to our 600L, 900L and 2000L stills – built to help streamline production while still keeping the small artisan distillery feeling.

Old Kempton Whisky selection
Old Kempton Whisky selection

Purchase a whole barrel of whisky!

There’s an all-day café with Devonshire teas and even a distillery course ($2275 per student and is a three day course) or you can buy and mature your own 20 litre barrel of whisky. Yes, you can purchase a whole barrel of whisky! The oak barrel is carefully selected and reconditioned from a range of sherry, port, pinot noir, bourbon, and other barrels before being filled with Old Kempton’s handcrafted single malt spirit made purely from Tasmanian barley and water. A 20L barrel after maturing for over two years in our old stables bond store can expect to produce anywhere between 22 – 30 bottles (at cask strength) or 30 – 40 bottles at 46% alc (Our whisky is released in 500mL bottles).

You can visit and taste your own barrel as often as you like and even sign it. It is yours to keep at the end of the maturation. The price is $2475.

Old Kempton Distillery runs tours daily. Each tour includes;

  • a brief history of Dysart House,
  • a history of Old Kempton Distillery,
  • behind the scenes tour of working distillery,
  • a fully guided tasting of 4 Old Kempton Spirits  (you can choose between whisky, liqueurs and gin)

Tours and tastings are $35 per person however discounts are available for group bookings and on event days

Tours are run at 1.30pm every day.

Old Kempton Styled Bottles
Old Kempton Styled Bottles

Premium Tours & Tastings run at 11am every day, they include all of the above and

  • Tasmanian antipasto platter for two
  • bottle of premium Tasmanian Wobbly Boot wine
  • Tea & coffee
  • Exclusive tasting of new, unreleased single malt whisky

Premium Tour & Tastings are $180 for two people.

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