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Koko Black’s Easter Eggs

Koko Black’s Easter Eggs

Easter bunny by diana macesanu/ unsplash

Confectionery conjurings with Koko Black this Easter

KOKO BLACK – Easter – Nest eggs

Chocolate aficionados here comes Easter

Koko Black, the chocolate artisan famed across the Australian lands for its confectionery conjurings, is throwing open its doors to a festival of cocoa-laden wonders, each more tantalizing than the last. As the Easter tide approaches, brace yourselves, chocolate aficionados, for a treasure trove that’s set to redefine your sweet-tooth cravings.

Koko Critter Milk TIles

Ah, Koko Black, that venerable bastion of chocolate reinvention and sweet innovation, is at it again! This time, introducing the Critters Hideout, a marvel of the Koko Critters series. Imagine, if you will, a magical box boasting eight drawers, each revealing not just the 24 Koko Critter Milk Tiles, but also 32 ‘Who Am I’ playing cards, promising fun and frolic alongside delectable bites. And let’s not forget the Twilight Treasure Hunt—a delightful twist on the adored Koko Burrow, inviting seekers on a quest for eggs and pralines hidden in the most unexpected nooks. It’s not just chocolate you’re uncovering; it’s an adventure, a journey beyond the garden-variety Easter egg hunt.

KOKO BLACK – Easter 2024

Koko Forest for Easter

This year, the narrative of Koko Black expands, spiraling into new and thrilling escapades with the Koko Critters venturing deep into the Koko Forest. Koko Koala, Pip Platypus, and Percy Penguin, our chocolatey champions, are embarking on a joyous jaunt through the diverse terrains of creek, beach, and forest floor, each armed with scrumptious treats. It’s an invitation to a Koko Critters Adventure, a plunge down the rabbit hole to unearth Easter’s most delectable delights.

KOKO BLACK – EASTER – 2024 (2)
KOKO BLACK – Easter 2024

The Koko Forest comes alive with the introduction of the Koko Critter Habitats, an ensemble of chocolate creations that pays homage to our critter companions. From chocolate hollow molds of each critter to Milk Little Eggs, Hot Cross Bites, and chocolate Critter Tiles, each piece is a homage to the vibrant world these characters inhabit.

New chocolate characters for Easter

Remco Brigou, the maestro of chocolate at Koko Black, is giddy with anticipation as the grandest season approaches. With a twinkle in his eye, he speaks of the powerful magic of chocolate-gifting, “As we gear up for an Easter of epic proportions, we’re excited to share our uniquely Australian spin on the festivities. Our creations draw inspiration from the journey to this magical season—the shortening days, the changing leaves—all fueling our creativity and breathing life into our beloved characters. These characters, through a kaleidoscope of flavors, find expression in our chocolates, making Easter a time for connection, be it among families, friends, or lovers.”

KOKO BLACK – Easter – In between eggs

Pride in local and natural ingredient sourcing is the hallmark of Koko Black, ensuring each bite is not just a treat for the taste buds but a nod to ethical and sustainable practices. So, as Easter rolls around, prepare to indulge in the all-natural, handcrafted splendor of Koko Black, a celebration of chocolate that’s bound to bring people together,

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