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Koko Black’s Chocolate Christmas

Koko Black’s Chocolate Christmas

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Sleigh those wish lists with Koko Black’s last-minute stocking fillers

Koko Black Christmas Critters
Koko Black Christmas Critters

Koko Black’s last minute stocking fillers

Get ready to sleigh those wish lists with Koko Black’s last-minute stocking fillers – it’s the Koko Kringle extravaganza! Christmas and chocolate have been BFFs since the middle ages, back when the winter solstice brought in the toughest season of the year. Back then, folks would keep warm by burning a log in the fireplace for as long as possible, and if it didn’t last three days, that was considered bad luck according to Catholic beliefs.

A history of Christmas and chocolate

Times changed, heating got an upgrade, and the log became more of a decoration than a necessity. But the symbolic meaning stuck. Fast forward to the 16th century when chocolate hit Europe, becoming a sensation for its taste. It eventually took on the appearance of wood bark, giving birth to the iconic Christmas log dessert. Today, despite the fancy iced and fruity variations, the classic chocolate log still reigns supreme among festive desserts.

Koko Black Christmas Collection
Koko Black Christmas Collection

Hold on to your Santa hats because St. Nicholas’ Day on December 5 to 6 is still a thing, especially in Eastern Europe and northern France. Saint Nicholas, the wise old man (also known as Nicholas of Myre), dishes out good chocolates and sweets to the well-behaved kids. Forget about Père Fouettard and his discipline – it’s all about the joy of getting sweets!

Kris Kringles and mini chocolate gifts

And where do you find these delights? Enter the Koko Black Christmas range! With Santa’s arrival around the corner, these Aussie artisanal chocolates are your go-to for last-minute Kris Kringles and mini gifts. Despite their small size, Koko Black is taking stocking fillers to a whole new level, making sure everyone gets a taste of that rich Christmas sweetness. Marbles, Falling Stars, and Dotties – the Christmas range is a treasure trove of surprises. Marbles come in flavors like Brandy Eggnog, Candy Cane, and Mulled Wine, each bite a burst of jolliness. Dotties, with hints of orange or a dash of caramel, are a flavor explosion in every box.

Koko Black hamper

But that’s not all! There are six decadent Christmas Blocks waiting to be gifted, from the traditional All Over Pavlova with freeze-dried passionfruit and meringue to the innovative Festive Cranberry, Macadamia and Cherry, and the crunchy Festive Waffly Wafer. Koko Black doesn’t just taste good; it looks good too, making it the perfect decor for your Christmas tree or table spread, leading to a sweet surprise on the big day.

Koko Black’s Christmas

With a lineup of treats that fill every nook and cranny in Santa’s sack, Koko Black is turning Christmas into an extra special affair. Dive into the festive spirit with the Christmas range, available in stores and online. Check out all the treats this Christmas at Koko Black stores nationwide or online at

Koko Black Christmas Collection
Koko Black Christmas Collection

Need to find a store? Check the store locator at Stay in the loop with the festive Koko Black Christmas on Instagram @kokoblackchocolate and Facebook.

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