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Kaftans are number one on travel packing lists

Kaftans are number one on travel packing lists

Traditional Czarina kaftan

Packing list for a holiday

Czarina green body suit
Green is the hot colour this season

Perfect packing list to travel

Looking for the perfect item to throw into your luggage? The kaftan is the classic travel companion whether it be for airport chic or to throw on for the beach. Yet this classic item has many fusions in fashion today.

While it started life as a symbol of exoticism the loose-fitting tunic described a variety of clothing which came from North Africa and the Middle East.  The Persian word is thought to have originated in Mesopotamia. Sultans from the Ottoman Empire loved a bit of kaftan fashion and lavishly decorated their garments which were made from silk, wool and cotton.

Packing list to travel

czarina dress
Dress up or down with Czarina

The Kaftan is a genderless clothing item which is perfect for hot climates because the loose silhouette ensures ventilation thus lowering the temperature of your body.

Australian company, Czarina, have drawn inspiration from many destinations and style icons to make their own style of kaftan which brings to life designs from watercolour and acrylic handpainting finished with crystals and sequins sewn on by hand. They have then chosen to mould the bright flowing materials into a variety of different clothing items which have the kaftan style as its base.

Vegan silk

Czarina yellow dress
Dinner chic with Czarina

We love that Czarine is moving towards producing almost their entire collection from Vegan silk to protect silk worms around the world. So why is vegan silk? Czarina has chosen to use vegan silk because while silk has been associated with luxury from emperor’s robes to concubines’ scarves, silk is cruel. The textile comes from a silkworm spinning a fibroin protein into a cocoon which can be comprised of up to one hundred metres of silk thread. To emerge from its cocoon, the silkworm secretes a fluid which burns a hole through the strands. But since this damages and breaks the fibre, farmers habitually boil the silkworm alive to save the silk. Finding this to be cruel,Czarina’s next collections will be made with 100% vegan silk.

Sustainable swimwear

Czarina even have a range of sustainable swimwear made totally from recycled materials processed into a nylon fabric.

A mini kaftan style dress by Czarina
A mini kaftan style dress by Czarina

The kaftan is perfect for travel where there are constrictions on space and weight and ironed garments! Kaftans can fit into a small zip locked bag; do not need to be ironed and are light.  They’re easy to clean and can be dressed up or down for every occasion.

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