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Sydney to Osaka via Cairns: Return Jetstar flight

Sydney to Osaka via Cairns: Return Jetstar flight


Japan is the hottest destination for travellers from Australia. Research shows that there’s been a 170 percent growth over the past five years with travel agents saying Japan has overtaken Bali as our favourite holiday destination and it’s only going to get hotter with the 2020 Olympic Games.

Australians love a bargain but we also like our comfort being the second highest yield traveller in the world after the Saudi Arabians. Jetstar’s business class is ideal for those who want comfort but like the idea of being luxury value shoppers.

Lounge – Qantas Club or Gold member

If you’re a Qantas Club or Gold member you can use the lounge on a Jetstar ticket but also business class travellers are able to use the Qantas lounge in selected airports such as Sydney and Melbourne. There was no Qantas lounge at Cairns international airport but as it was only a ten minute walk we opted for the Qantas domestic lounge to wait out our time prior to boarding.

Osaka’s lounge is accessible for Jetstar business passengers. There’s the usual screens, phone chargers and some Japanese fare to nibble on before you leave Japan if you haven’t nibbled enough.

Click here for a list of airports you can visit if you are travelling with the Max bundle.

Luggage – Bag up to 30 kg

Loving the fact you can check in one bag up to 30 kg and bring on board two carry-on bags of up to 7 kg each.  No excess luggage for me.

Business class Queues

Business class means more time for you and less in the queue.

The service on Jetstar

This was the crowning jewel. The service on Jetstar on every flight was unrivalled. The staff were all very friendly and genuinely wanted to help in any way they could. There was definitely  no attitude and it was a true pleasure to fly on board even if just for the service. I have not experienced such amazing service in any other business cabin in the world. It was seamless on all four Jetstar flights. The only fly in the ointment was the check in staff at Cairns airport who unfortunately did have a poor attitude but they’re not in the air with you and from my total experience that was an anomaly. I would rank Jetstar Business with a High Distinction for service on each flight.

21 business class seats

There are only 21 business class seats ensuring you get plenty of attention from the wonderful inflight attendants.

The seats are wide and comfortable. Ok so there’s no flat bed but at the price of the fare that would be unheard of. I was able to sleep all the way back from Osaka to Cairns so definitely comfortable enough. The configuration is two three two so as I was travelling with my husband I was pleased to have the two seats not the three. Pitch is 38 inches (96cm) with a width of 19 inches (48 cm).

but apparently the best seat in the house is 3G and 3 J which are designated crew rest seats  but if you can get them the recline is slightly more.

The windows have electronic dimmers instead of blinds that automatically change depending upon what’s happening outside. There’s also a USB charger which is a wonderful addition to the airline seat.

787 Dreamliner – Inflight Entertainment

The 787 Dreamliner has screens in business and economy with a choice of the latest movies that you would find on any full service carrier. There are around 53 movies and 15 new releases which is plenty for a flight to Osaka from Cairns. The noise cancelling headphones are perfect if there happen to be any babies on board – thankfully none in our business class.

Amenities include socks, a toothbrush, eye mask, hand cream, lip balm and a pen which is great for filling in those custom forms. There’s also a blanket and a pillow awaiting any sleepy heads.

Dining and champagne

There’s great champagne on offer almost as soon as you reach your seat. The menu is comprehensive with entrée main and dessert and plenty of snacks throughout.

Flight time and frequency

Cairns to Osaka 7 hrs 25 – five times per week

Osaka to Cairns 7 hrs 20 – five times per week

Frequent flyer rewards

Jetstar doesn’t have a frequent flyer program but it does have loyalty rewards and partner programs that offer additional perks. A Business Max subscription offers the following benefits:

  • Qantas airport lounge access on eligible flights where available
  • Earn Qantas Points and Status Credits
  • Refundable fares
  • No fees for changes to your booking

Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan flew as a guest of the airline.

For more personalised information tips and advice, or to book this incredible holiday contact your local TravelManagers’ personal travel manager here.

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