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Should I buy Jabra for my husband?

Should I buy Jabra for my husband?

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Gold Beige Lifestyle 2

The best in wireless earbuds is Jabra

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Titanium Black Lifestyle
Jabra Elite 7 Pro Titanium Black Lifestyle

Jabra for dad?

My husband will not take the Jabras out of his ears because they are so comfortable,  he says. What is even worse is that they are fully waterproof and so I cannot even talk to him in the shower.

He has forgone his BOSE’s which sit forlornly on the bedside table. Jabra declares that you can get lost in the music anywhere with these wireless earbuds. The real world is not intruding on his music at all.

The adjustable Jabra HearThrough technology uses the built-in microphones to pick up the sounds around you and play them in your ears, so you can selectively tune into the sounds that matter. Apparently, I don’t!

Another reason my husband loves them is that their battery lasts for more than eight hours off a single charge and there are also three extra chargers in the case. And if he does get caught out, it is only a five minute fast charge for up to an hour of power. Thus he is never going to hear me call him to do the dishes.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Lifestyle 1
Jabra Elite 7 Pro Titanium Black Lifestyle

Jabra has a built-in Alexa

But I have a plan. Jabra has a built-in Alexa and Google Assistant (Android only), and you can make AND ANSWER calls, check the weather, or even play your favourite song on Spotify. He cannot pretend not to answer me when I am standing in front of him. Ha. Ha.

I know he’ll answer my call too because it’s a thrill to have such clarity on a phone call even with your wife. Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ technology combines four powerful microphones and an advanced Voice Pick Up (VPU) sensor in each bud. Automatically activating when it’s windy, the VPU sensors use bone conduction technology to transmit your voice, allowing these uniquely advanced algorithms to detect and cancel wind noise and other noises for a completely reinvented call experience, literally anywhere.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Black Lifestyle 1
Jabra Elite 7 Pro Titanium Black Lifestyle

Jabra Elite 7 Pro is ground-breaking

Elite 7 Pro is the latest in six generations of ground-breaking miniaturized tech, benefitting from over 150 years of audio expertise. Jabra has used data from over 62,000 ear scans to create the perfectly shaped bud, with a clean, elegant, minimalist profile, and a body designed to sit more snugly in the ear.

You can use either earbud independently with mono mode. You can keep an ear out by only using one bud, or take one out for a chat with a colleague. You can even extend your battery time by charging the one you’re not using. I’ve tried to tell my husband this but no; he wants to use them both.

Jabra is big on durability

Don’t be fooled by their size and discreet styling (I’m not); these buds are seriously big on durability. Made from tough, premium materials, they come with IP57-rated waterproof protection.

My advice is keep this article away from all husbands. (Although I guess they have their uses when you decide to take the credit card and spend up big. I might just buy myself a pair too.)

Jabra’s flagship true wireless earbuds are on sale now at all good retailers for AU$299.

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