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Indulge Your Senses at Sette restaurant: The Bulgari Hotel, London

Indulge Your Senses at Sette restaurant: The Bulgari Hotel, London


Two of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities come together with the opening of a new restaurant – Sette – at the Bulgari Hotel in London. Bringing authentic Italian food from New York City’s Scarpetta restaurant family, Sette offers an exceptional dinning and social experience. Given its location within the ultra-luxe Buglari Hotel, my expectations of the restaurant are set high. And thankfully, Sette did not disappoint.

Sette a stylish restaurant with a soft, modern design

I walk five minutes from Knightbridge station, and turn onto a pretty London side street. I spot the restaurant. It’s stylish and has a soft, modern design. Stepping inside, I hand my coat to the girl at reception before taking a seat at the far end of the restaurant. With my lunch companion running late, I have the opportunity to take in my surroundings.

The feature of the restaurant is the circular bar with its Carrara marble top and golden trim. The restaurant features elongated oval light fittings that make me think 60’s and 70’s chic and soft wooden floors. There are mirrors and plants throughout. The result is very calming.

With the scene Sette… (a little cheesy, but impossible to resist), it’s time for the real test – the cuisine.

Image courtesy of Sette at Bulgari Hotel London

My Vegan Lunch at Sette

Although Sette is not a vegan restaurant, they are all too happy to accommodate. The waiter guides me through the menu, making suggestions. I say yes to all of them. Before long, I find a glass of La Giustiniana “Lugarara” Gavi di Gavi in my hand (also recommended). The bright, aromatic wine features notes of anise, green apple, and almond. Knowing I hadn’t eaten breakfast in anticipation of my lunch at Sette, I put the glass down. It would be very easy to polish off a glass or two before the first course arrives.

The first course comes out. I opted for the Market Salad with chicory, root vegetables and sherry vinaigrette. Sette pride themselves on sourcing seasonal and local ingredients. And this salad is a perfect example. Light, fresh and with pomegranates throughout – I’ve never liked salad more.

Image courtesy of Sette at Bulgari Hotel London

One main wasn’t enough… so I opted for two. The first is the braised lentils with concentrated tomato and turnip tops. Wow. The spices running throughout are perfectly balanced. It is everything I need on this slightly chilly London day. And the second dish is a signature of Scarpetta – Spaghetti with tomato and basil. Simple, yes. Delicious, absolutely. As a BIG pasta fan (sometimes I think I’m more pasta than person), this was a relief.

The half of me that isn’t pasta, is dessert. I selected three sorbet flavours – strawberry, green apple and lemon. Each scoop sat atop a crumb base and has a chocolate shard on top.

After a starter, two mains and dessert, I could roll home content.

After Hours fun at Nolita Social

For some after hours fun or before dinner drinks, head down stairs to Nolita Social. The glamorous underground bar is named after a charming New York neighbourhood, North of Little Italy. Indulge in mix of elevated cocktails, live music and DJ’s playing 60’s rock, 70’s soul, and 90’s hip-hop. This underground lounge is the perfect way to start and finish your dining experience at Sette.

Image courtesy of Sette at Bulgari Hotel London

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