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A guide to hat etiquette

A guide to hat etiquette

Hats by Hector J Rivas and unsplash

Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton

Malibu Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton
Malibu Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton

Stylish hats designed by Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton

I’m moving into the realms of Frank Sinatra, Inspector Gadget and Inspector Clouseau and it’s not my singing voice or my detective skills. I have my very own Malibu hat from Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton.

Strictly speaking, it’s not a trilby that will adorn my head but a Malibu which is the traditional trilby shape but with a broadened brim.

The Trilby

Malibu Camel Canopy Bay By Deborah Hutton
Malibu Camel Canopy Bay By Deborah Hutton

So while the trilby or cap was considered to be for junior floor staff in the Are You Being Served hierarchy of hats, it’s certainly not the case for this stylish Malibu.

This mix-camel travel friendly that fits so comfortably and there’s even a little strap at the back called a ComfyFit size adjuster to tighten it if necessary. There are so many things to love about this hat: the soft fabric, the fact it is vegan and the Flexibraid resilience meaning it can be flat packed. Flexibraid® technology interlaces extruded fibres and yarns into one single, continuous braid, and combines unique flexible filaments that maintain the shape of each hat regardless of wear time, storage conditions and the environment. Oh and you can also hand wash it in soapy water.

The hat also comes with accolades such as being approved by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). It is scientifically proven to provide UPF50+ sun protection and endure a variety of weather conditions, such as rain and wind. Now that is impressive.

The Malibu by Canopy Bay

Malibu Camel Canopy Bay By Deborah Hutton
Malibu Camel Canopy Bay By Deborah Hutton

No doubt ancestors from around 30,000 years ago who first donned headgear would have been suitably impressed at Deborah Hutton’s Canopy Bay. Perhaps it may not have been the choice for religious ceremonies as head gear moved through the ages and Napoleon may have preferred his bicorne but it would have certainly been a hit in the 1830s when the Trilby was first worn by women before becoming statement head wear for jazz musicians of the 1940s. Its name came from the stage play of George du Maurier’s 1894 novel, Trilby. Once it was made from felt but now straw and tweed are more usual. And thus as the Trilby moved into the 21st century it has a wider brim and a new name, the Malibu.

Hats for sun protection

Amalfi Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton
Amalfi Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton

In a time when we need to protect ourselves from the sun and look stunning, we have Deborah Hutton to thank. This range of hats is the culmination of design and research which Deborah executed after undergoing a second skin cancer surgery. She found the hats she was wearing were not protective enough as the Australian UV rays could still penetrate the material.

The Canopy Bay range features 16 hats which all have UPF50 plus. Priced from $95 to $195 they will make your travel become a lot more stylish as you accent your favourite outfits with this headwear.

  • Colour: Mix Camel
  • UPF50+ Maximum Sun Protection
  • Flexibraid®: Offering remarkable resilience for flat packing. 
  • Size:  56cm (S/M) & 58cm (M/L) fully adjustable using ComfyFit adjustor
  • Brim: 8.5cm
  • Crown: 9.5cm
  • Comfy-Fit: Ensures your hat will offer the perfect fit.
  • Australian: Proudly handmade and manufactured in Australia
  • Hand wash: In soapy water, do not immerse in water.

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