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Havana, Cuba: A rich and colourful history

Havana, Cuba: A rich and colourful history

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One of the most exciting cities in the world to visit and Cuba’s capital city, is Havana. Havana has a rich and colourful history which is reflected in the people, the buildings and the music of the city. It will take you back in time, inspire you and have you dancing in the streets (daiquiri in hand, of course) in no time.

main colourful havana
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Stay: The Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel

Located on the Paseo Prado, the most important street in Old Havana, is a new five-star hotel. The Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel, designed by Rafael Moneo, blends the colonial details of the old façade with modern architectural flair. This stunning hotel has over 300 rooms and suites, three bars and six restaurants. But the highlight is the infinity swimming pool. The pool overlooks Havana’s malecón seaside promenade, and it’s here you can snap the perfect photo to wow friends and family.

The Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel
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Eat: La Guardia

Residing in the building formally known La Mansión Camagüey, restaurant La Guardia offers a cozy atmosphere, soft lighting and Cuban music. The restaurant was opened by Enrique and Odeisys Nuñez in 1996 and has increased in popularity over the years. So much so, that many celebrities, from Queen Sofia of Spain to Steven Spielberg and even Sting have walked through its grand wooden doors. Be sure to try the strawberry daiquiris, if they are in season.

Drink: El Floridita & La Bodeguita

It’s well known that writer Earnest Hemingway spent a fair bit of time in Cuba during his life. And the only thing Hemingway was as good at as writing, was drinking. So, it’s no surprise that two top bars to visit in Havana were also frequented by Hemingway. El Floridita make some of the best daiquiris in Havana. With excellent daiquiris on the menu, the seal of approval from Hemingway and a fun and flamboyant atmosphere on offer, El Foritdita cannot be missed. When it comes to favourites, La Bodeguita was supposedly Hemingway’s favourite place to drink. For mojito fans, there is nowhere better to cool down and enjoy a minty mojito.

Play: The Tropicana

You can’t go to Cuba and not enjoy some live music. At the top of the list is The Tropicana. This grand outdoor cabaret has seen the likes of Nat King Cole and Carmen Miranda perform here. Think colour, extravagance and the most fun-filled night you will experience.

When people think of Havana, they think music, dancing and of course, vintage cars. So, why not step back in time and cruise the streets of Havana in a vintage car? You can choose to cruise on your own steam or hire a driver – with a driver you’re likely to experience Cuba more like a local than a tourist. There are many classic car rentals around, which are all the same price and have the same rules. When it comes to deciding who to go with, it’s best to speak with your hotel concierge (they are likely to have some insight into who is best).

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Havana, Cuba
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