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Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

TravMedia Australia 1434926 HOSH La Traviata

Opera Australia’s La Traviata

TravMedia Australia 1434926 HOSH La Traviata
Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour Image courtesy Opera Australia

Bowties and black dresses were dusted off after months in the COVID cupboard for an array of the all powerful at the opening of the Handa sponsored La Traviata on the Harbour. After the fury of the floods, it was looking more like the wellies coming out of the wardrobes of the Sydney set. However the stars twinkled and the rain had dissipated to some other city.

Celebrities speckled the crowd including MAFs favourite couple Cam and Jules, a dapper looking Alan Joyce, Tony, Margaret and Bridget Abbott,, enough Liberal politicians to make it look like a fundraiser, Ita Buttrose, Sam Neill and more.

opera australia two
Fireworks at La Traviata at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour Image by Opera Australia

A huge chandelier was jostling with the opera house and the harbour bridge for centre stage attention but when the music began, the stage won out. Until the fireworks rained down. The closest I’ve come to fireworks on Sydney harbour without the crowds of a NYE.

Verdi’s la Traviata is your typical opera where spoiler alert, the girl dies. It’s a love story too. Violetta is a party girl who finally falls for Alfredo Germont. Things seem fine while they are in the countryside together until Alfredo’s father comes and spoils it all telling Violetta to relinquish her one chance of happiness with Alfredo. In this day and age, it is hard to relate to her giving in but of course, she must or there would be no story. Violetta is also quite sick so while she leaves Alfredo and goes back to Paris, he follows her and they end up together moments before she dies.

opera australia four
The character of Alfredo Germont at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour Image courtesy of Opera Australia

La Traviata was originally set in the 1850s but Opera Australia’s production has it in the glamorous 50s. Personally, I loved the costumes. There was one particular green taffeta suit I wouldn’t mind a tailor whipping up for me if I ever get back to Vietnam. The colour and vibe on the night were one of excitement at Sydney getting to go out and play after a year indoors. Stacey Alleaume stole the show in the role of Violetta. Her lover, Alfredo (Rame Lahaj) was the perfect complement and backed by the fine voices of Michael Honeyman as Giorgio Germont.

opera australia one
La Traviata – a 1930s rendition at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour Image courtesy of Opera Australia

Mr Handa is responsible for yet another sensational night on the harbour with Opera Australia and one we have all been waiting for over a year to see.

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