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Best vegan restaurants in Sydney, Australia

Best vegan restaurants in Sydney, Australia

Yellow Restaurant, Sydney

Anyone who has walked along King Street in Newtown (Sydney’s coolest suburb), may have wondered why there are queues out the door, down the street, and sometimes, around the corner. Those queues can only mean one thing – good food. And not just any food, the restaurants with the biggest queue are vegan. Here are the top four vegan restaurants in Sydney, Australia (with a cheeky bonus two from around the world).

Yellow Restaurant, Sydney
Image courtesy of Yellow Sydney

1. Yellow Restaurant, Sydney

The golden yellow terrace in Potts Point was once a gallery exhibiting work of Sydney’s most famous artists. Now it’s a fine-dining vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Yellow doesn’t offer a 100% vegan menu. The restaurants dedication to accentuating the incredible taste of vegetables through its vegetarian and vegan-based cuisine makes it worth a visit, especially if you opt for the vegan tasting menu. The tasting menu gives the option of 5-courses or 7-courses with the choice of wine pairings or non-alcoholic beverages. The meals here are a work of art.

2. Bodhi Restaurant, Sydney

Sydney institution, Bodhi, specialises in vegan Yum Cha and Pan-Asian Cuisine with the ingredients locally sourced, organic and handcrafted daily using traditional techniques. The restaurant has stood the test of time (as far as restaurants go at least), having celebrated 30 years in December 2018. Despite its rocky start in 1988, Bodhi was so popular it needed more space soon after opening. This prompted the move from the chinatown shop to its current location right in Sydney city centre on the corner of Cook and Phillip Park.

Bodhi Restaurant, Sydney
Image courtesy of Bodhi Restaurant

3. Gigi Pizzeria, Sydney

Vegan pizza, you say? Gigi Pizzeria is the perfect example of how to do pizza right. This popular restaurant is can be found on King Street in Newtown. And it has the queue to prove it. One of the few pizzerias in Sydney who are members of the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Nepoletana/True Neapolitan Pizza Association), Gigi not only adheres to the strict rules around true Neapolitan pizza making but their own ethical code as well. While there are some vegan friendly cheeses on the menu, they are not a feature on the stone fired pizzas, which instead, have new innovative ways to give the pizzas their flavour.

4. Paperbark Restaurant, Sydney

Located in the Casba Building in Waterloo is one of Sydney’s best vegan restaurants. The aesthetic and atmosphere at Paperbark is uniquely Australian, with it’s forest of indoor plant-life and natural light which filters through the restaurants glass facade. As for the food, it has influences from around the globe infused with Australian flair. The fresh, earthy vibe of Paperbark is only accentuated by its support of small-scale producers with Australian ingredients.

Paperbark Restaurant, Sydney
Image courtesy of Paperbark

Why should Sydney have all the fun? Here are two more top vegan restaurants from around the world.

5. Gentle Gourmet, Paris

When the French do something, they do it with style and class. And that includes Parisian restaurant Gentle Gourmet. The restaurant combines the artistry of French gastronomy with an ethical approach. Inspired by quality, seasonal foods, the Chef creates and extensive plant-based menu plated to perfection. The dessert options here are a real treat (pun intended).

6. Candle79, New York

The sister restaurant to Candle Cafe, is a gloriously upscale vegan dining oasis known as Candle79. The two-level restaurant has a completely plant-based menu with ingredients sourced locally for their freshness and divine flavour. From food to cocktails, everything at Candle79 taste as good as they look.

Candle79, New York
image courtesy of Candle Cafe

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