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Emirates, Singapore Airlines & Etihad: Ultra Luxury airline suites

Emirates, Singapore Airlines & Etihad: Ultra Luxury airline suites

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There is nothing so thrilling as boarding an aeroplane to journey to an exciting new holiday destination. Until, that is, you remember the flight is at least twelve hours long. As comfortable as business and first class seats are, nothing can compare to the splendour of sleeping in a hotel suite on plush pillows, wrapped in high-thread sheets. That begs the question, can you have your cake and eat it too? Well, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Etihad seem to think so with their ultra luxury airline suites.

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1. Emirates First Class Private Suites

The Dubai based airline, Emirates, is regarded as one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. So, it should come as little wonder to learn that last year in 2017, Emirates revealed their First Class private suites. The suites aboard Boeing 777, inspired by Mercedes-Benz S-Class, take a new step in luxury air travel. Fully enclosed, the 40 square foot suites offer comfort, luxury and privacy. Guest are able to completely recline in their soft leather seats, to “zero-gravity” position, taking weight and strain off the body during the flight inspired by NASA technology. Emirate have thought of everything: video-calls to cabin staff, service windows for drinks and canapés, a personal mini-bar, 32-inch Full HD LCD entertainment screen with over 2000 viewing options, specialty designed Hydra Active moisturising pyjamas and let’s not forget, BVLGARI toiletries… in four different options.

Emirates First Class Private Suites
Image courtesy of Emirates

2. Singapore Airlines Luxury Upgrade

Singapore Airlines has recently unveiled its own luxury upgrade with five new A380 planes taking to the skies. To have the aeroplanes at optimal luxury for their guests, Singapore Airlines pent $350 million per plane fine tuning every detail. From the magazine holders to the facets, no detail too small to perfect. Guests can sip Dom Perignon Champagne without a care in the world, recline in a state of the art massage chair or relax in front on the 32-inch screen TV. Each luxury suites has a room and private bathroom. However, should you be travelling with a friend or loved one or wish to join rooms with your neighbour, the dividing wall between the suites can be lowered. Why have one smaller room when you could opt for one big room?

Singapore Airlines Luxury Upgrade
Image courtesy of Singapore Airlines

3. Etihad Airways: “The Residence”

Etihad Airways dubbed its first class flight experience “The Residence”. “The Residence” isn’t just one suite, but three suites: a living room, a bedroom and an in-suite shower. Make no mistake, Etihad are serious when it comes to the luxe experience. Likely the only three-room commercial suite in the sky, this A380 aircraft will take you to and from Abu Dhabi to New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Paris in unbelievable style. From the moment you are greeted by a Savoy-trained butler to personalising an in-flight menu with your own chef, Etihad focuses on ease, luxury and comfort for the duration of the flight. With a double bed on offer you certainly wont be reclining in a seat on this flight. Plush leather seats, Italian bed linen and gourmet food; time to settle into your mansion in the sky.

Etihad Airways: "The Residence"
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