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Five ways to step out in style this month

Five ways to step out in style this month

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Step out in style. A $30,00 manicure, a $US25 million watch and a Hermes scarf at just $1800 will set off your Persian slippers at $3830 and your youthful complexion after a golden facial.

24-karat Gold Facial Anyone?

Golden facials have been taking the beauty world by storm. And really, when you think about it, nothing says ‘gliz and glam’ like having 24-karat gold being painted on your face. The facials come in three forms: liquid, foil or mask and are now offered in spas all around the world. The facials range between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. But, other than being gloriously expensive and very shiny, do these facials have any benefit? According to research and history, it’s time to say goodbye to lines and wrinkles because the top two benefits being promoted are: restored elasticity and improved circulation. Cleopatra herself was said to have golden facials every night to keep her skin radiant, youthful and beautiful. So, why not take a chance? If you’re not keen to have a golden facial, there are a number of top celebrities that swear by caviar face masks for their beauty treatment. Me… I’d go gold.

Here are a sample of gold facial products you can purchase online:

golden facial
Image courtesy of My Home Beauty Salon

Iced Manicure – A Girls Best Friend

Marylin wasn’t wrong when she said diamonds are a girls best friend. In 2011, Cherish Angula started a trend with her Iced Manicure. It was not only the first manicure of its kind but it’s also the most expensive at the time coming in at a cool $51,000. Why so pricy? Well, to put it simply, the manicure involved diamonds. Since then many jewellers have jumped on that sparkly bandwagon. And in 2018, a man known as the ‘Black Diamond King’ has moved in on the title for most expensive manicure.

The ‘Black Diamond King’, Azature Pogosian uses 267 carats of black diamonds in his ultra luxe nail lacquer. For your very own bottle of Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer it will set you back a quarter of a million dollars. However, if you are just after a once off manicure you’re looking at $30,000 for this exclusive service. Oh, and don’t think you can swan in to any old nail salon. Azature Pogosian has a secret. A secret shared with a select few celebrity manicurists. All that is known about this mysterious secret is that it involves a particular formula of application. At $3,000 per nail, you definitely want the best of the best to apply your Azature Black Diamond Nail Lacquer.

Image courtesy of SCMP
Image courtesy of SCMP

Louis-Ulysse Chopard – Time is a Luxury

Perhaps the greatest luxury money can buy is time. Time to relax, to travel and to enjoy the world we live in. And the greatest keepers of time, none other than Swiss luxury timepiece and jewellers, Chopard. Louis-Ulysse Chopard established his company all the way back in the 1800’s. His focus on quality and precision when it came to making watches was impeccable. The innovative designs of this artesian watchmaker even caught the attention of Tsar Nicolas II of Russia. Today, Chopard is the creator of what is possibly the world most expensive watch. It comes in at 25 million USD and is the bling you have been searching for. The Chopard 201-Carat Watch is made of white and yellow diamonds that weigh 163 carats. In addition to that there are three heart-shaped diamonds consisting of the 15-carat pink, 12-carat blue and 11-carat white. A special mechanism can be pressed to open the three heart diamonds to reveal the time. This delicate little piece may come with a price tag, buy who says you can’t buy time?

Image courtesy of Luxury Page
Image courtesy of Luxury Page

Blue Persian Salt Ballet Flat

Named after the rare blue Persian salt found in ancient 260 million year old caves in the Semman province of northern Iran, the Blue Persian Salt Ballet Flat by Portuguese brand Josefinas is the most expensive ballet flat in the world. Dubbed “the most precious journey yet” by its creator, it’s a shoe fit for royalty coming in at approximately $3,830. The handcrafted blue flats are adorned with gold and blue topaz semi-precious gemstones. The topaz is said to have protective properties and to bring fortune to those who wear it. The Blue Persian Salt is part of a collection of flats known as 1001 Nights, so if blue isn’t your colour you can chose from the Babylon in green, the Jordan in purple and the Persia in maroon. However, none quite compare to The Blue Persian Salt Ballet Flat.

blue persian salt flat
Image courtesy of Josefinas

Hermes Paris – More Than a Scarf

Hermes Paris scarves are synonymous with luxury. To own one is to declare ones self confidently stylish and above all an appreciator of divine craftsmanship. After all to create something so fine takes time, delicacy and meticulous attention to detail. When it takes over 700 hours to engrave the printing screens, it’s little wonder a Hermes silk scarf has the sublime reputation it does.

The company wasn’t always known for its scarves. Hermes Paris began in 1837 making equestrian equipment. One hundred years later, the infamous silk scarf appears wrapped around everybody’s neck, hair, bag or wrist. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth have all been known to sport a Hermes scarf or two. The price of this timeless, eye-catching piece ranges from AU $280 to $1800.

Image courtesy of Rice & Beans Vintage
Image courtesy of Rice & Beans Vintage

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