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Five New Year Destinations You May Not Have Considered

Five New Year Destinations You May Not Have Considered


Let’s face it, New Year is the world biggest party. And like any big celebration, it’s exciting. The kind of exciting that will have you lie awake at night waiting for the moment you can start celebrating. But deciding where to celebrate the New Year can be tough. With so many countries, cities and parties to chose from, where do you start? For many jetsetters, high profile locations like New York, Sydney, Paris and London are the go to New Year destinations. Why not bring in the New Year somewhere different with our top five New Year destinations you’ve never thought of.

Samoa, South Pacific

Want to be the first to bring in the New Year? Head for Samoa in the South Pacific. The Polynesian island is about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, just west of the International Date Line. The celebrations here are nothing short of amazing.

With traditional dancers, jugglers, flame throwers and of course, fireworks, celebrating the New Year in Samoa is an experience to remember. And what’s more, if you don’t want the party to end there is a one-hour flight across the International Date Line to American Samoa – the last place to see the New Year.

Spend you New Year in Samoa dancing on the beach with a coconut in hand.

Coconut drink with straw and flower on tropical beach is good any time of the year
Coconut drink with straw and flower on tropical beach

Moscow, Russia

It might be cold outside in Moscow, but that won’t stop the celebrations. Known for throwing an epic New Year’s Eve party, and rivalling both New York and Sydney in their fireworks display, Moscow is the place to be for New Year.

For those wanting to make sure their New Year is memorable, the Four Seasons offer a touch of Venetian carnival magic to their New Year celebrations. The Venice Carnival at Quadrum showcases incredible performances and living works of art, including opera singers, jugglers and magicians. Not to mention, breathtaking view of the Kremlin and chimes of Spasskaya tower. Anyone wanting to swap the Venetian Carnival vibe for something more fairytale inclined, can opt for the Four Seasons, The Nutcracker at Silk Lounge. Watch the Nutcracker ballet, stilt walkers and magicians perform, followed by piano music and a DJ to celebrate the New Year in style.

Fireworks on Red Square in Moscow
Fireworks on Red Square in Moscow

Reykjavik, Iceland

Cold. Yes. Beautiful. Definitely. Celebrating the New Year in Iceland’s capital city, is more than a regular New Year’s Eve party – it’s an experience.

The subzero temperatures will have you rugged up a reaching for hot spiced drinks and cozy fireplaces. But just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean Reykjavik will be firework-free. In fact, Reykjavik not only has exceptional fireworks but there is a possibility that you might experience natures fireworks – Aurora Borealis. To witness the stunning green and purple ribbons dance across the sky, head north or south of the city.

The Aurora Borealis close to Reykjavik, Iceland for a prefect New Year magic start
The Aurora Borealis close to Reykjavik, Iceland

Cape Town, South Africa

Kick your New Year celebrations into gear in Cape Town. With summer underway, Cape Town is a spectacular destination to spend your New Year. The city has a lot to offer with V&A Waterfront holding one of the biggest parties of the year. From musical performances, light shows and great food, expect to be overwhelmed with celebration options.

Want to take your New Year celebrations away from the crowds? Head out on the harbour for a private cruise. Imagine watching the sunset on the glittering ocean, the fireworks lighting the skies above and toasting to the New Year all from a private yacht.

Clifton Beach in Cape Town during a spectacular sunset. How's that for a New Year destination.
Clifton Beach in Cape Town during a spectacular sunset

Tasmania, Australia

Sydney has a reputation for being one of the best places in Australia to celebrate the New Year. But why not say goodbye to the crowds hanging around the Sydney Harbour and head for Tasmania instead?

This is a New Year destination for adventurers. With some of the country’s best hiking trails, pristine landscapes and exceptional luxury stays on offer, Tasmania is a great place to get off-the-grid and enter the New Year reconnected with yourself and nature. From fireworks to vast and dramatic landscapes, Tasmania won’t disappoint when it comes to celebrating the New Year.

Spend New Year in Tasmania and enjoy the magical landscape of Cradle Mountain
The magical landscape of Cradle Mountain

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