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The most luxurious airports for private planes

The most luxurious airports for private planes

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Private jet travel has so many advantages fly when you want to fly, skip the queues at the airport, forget about customs and immigration, arrive just 15 minutes before your flight and you can even take your pet with you.

Private jet travel has nearly returned to pre pandemic levels. Gogo Business Aviation reports that in mid April its business dropped to providing broadband services for just 378 flights per day but by the beginning of July that number has increased to 3200 flights per day. Pre pandemic it was servicing approximately 3500 flights per day.

Another addition of luxury is the private suites at the airports although these come at a cost.

Here are the top four most luxurious airports servicing private jets.

LAX Airport
LA Airport Image by Markus Mainka/Shutterstock

The Private Suite at LAX

The Private Suite is a $22 million complex at LAX which opened in May 2017 for the rich and famous who want pure luxury whilst waiting for their private flight. There is a team of eight people (each with a different role) assigned to each guest. As you would expect there are no lines, no ticket booths just private rooms with the amenities of a five star hotel. Think daybed, views of the runway, in room massage service, mani-pedis, gourmet meals and more. When it’s time to board, guests will be driven directly from the suite to their private jet airplane. As the terminal is landside you’re allowed to bring non travelling guests along.

Le Bourget Airport, Paris

Built in 1919 this luxury private jet airport is brimming with history such as being the place of defection by Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev in 1961. It’s also home to the biannual International Paris Air Show, the oldest air show in the world.  There are eight different luxury operators at this airport. One of the operators Astonsky, which is a subsidiary of the French Clair Group, opened its five star hotel standard terminal at the end of 2019. The Astonsky terminal offers a valet service under a cantilever awning in the shape of an airplane wing, and a huge reception area with a fountain and a green wall. The lounge consists of several rest and work spaces around a sculpture of “Kong” by Richard Orlinski”. There is a 360° view of the runways: deep-pile carpet that is cleaned several times a day, deep sofas, a kiosk with the latest press and travel, art and aviation books, as well as an aquarium with 6 tons of sea water, where several species of fish glide, allowing a transparent view of the planes in the hangars. This is complimented by a concierge a catering service including a house chef organising refined French cuisine, in close collaboration with the sommelier who has over 3000 bottles of wine to delight you with.

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Teterboro Airport, New Jersey

Teterboro is one of the oldest airports accommodation private jets on the East coast. It also comes with much history, Think Charles Lindbergh who was a regular pilot into this New Jersey airport, along with Amelia Earhart. Today it is celebrity central. Its main luxury is the speed it offers travellers. Many helicopter out of Manhattan in under 10 minutes, avoid all the security lines  and enjoy the excellent service offered.

Al Maktoum International Airport VIP Building, Dubai

Dubai’s Al Maktoum airport is 45 mintues from the ceity centre. It’s private wing is unsurpassed in luxury including transfers from the lounge to the aircraft via a Rolls Royce.

One of the operators at Al Maktoum Jetex offers an incredible experience for the super rich. There’s a Sony Crystal LED Tv worth a million dollars. You can watch a movie or play some FIFA on the playstation. You are served a cappuccino with your face on it and you can even test drive a Bugatti Chiron worth $US4.5 million.

There’s a concierge team, a pianist who will play your request and an entertainment lounge with a table tennis table, billiard table and more.

The terminal also offers two MetroNap sleep pods.

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