Film Review – Wrath of Man

Jason Statham WRATH OF MAN April 29

Starring Jason Statham
Directed by Guy Ritchie

Jason Statham WRATH OF MAN April 29
Jason Statham stars as H in director Guy Ritchie’s WRATH OF MAN, A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film. Photo credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures © 2021 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved

I have a confession to make. Jason Statham. I’ve never seen him in a movie. He’s not the sort of guy that makes it into a cosy romance or urban fantasy but here I am watching him in Wrath of Man. But hey I wish he did. There’s something immediately likeable about him. And I don’t know why? He’s hardly a Hemsworth. He doesn’t talk much and his clothes are not something I’d dress my husband in. So what is it? He’s not a cockney but most think he is so I’ll go with it. It’s his voice which gives him a definite wrong side of the tracks charisma. Not that you hear it much in Wrath of Man. It’s all mono syllables and action with a bit of humour thrown in.

Wrath of Man is set in the world of security guards. Yep. We’ve been waiting too long for you James Bond. It’s good bye secret agents and hello security guards. These are the new sex symbols. They risk their lives to guard other people’s money in their tight black pants. When we see “H” (Jason Statham) he’s joining up to become a security guard. And that’s all I’m going to say as I might give away the mediocre plot. While the plot is lame, the action is what sucks you in to stay to the end and so I did, to watch a pretty weak denouement. However I’m told that’s a typical Jason Statham movie. Bang. Bang. Bang. No twists. The end.

On the film side of things, Guy Ritchie has done a great job. The film noir works. The shot selections add to the pace and the edit works well. Anyone who can live with Madonna has got to be disciplined and Ritchie shows how disciplined he is by creating some great cinematography around a mediocre story. My only change would be to show the crime scene one less time. We get it.

Overall, if you like action, pace, blood with a bit of know what I mean guv, then the Wrath of Man is for you.

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