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Seven Destinations for a Luxury Family Getaway

Seven Destinations for a Luxury Family Getaway

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Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is seeing magic. Everything is new and exciting. To be able to show your children the variety of cultures, people and landscapes the world has to offer is a gift that will be cherished. With so much on offer, its hard to narrow down where to take your family on holiday. To take some of that pressure off, make your destination choice a simple one and get you planning you trip ASAP, look below for the seven top destinations for family fun.

maldives travel family
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1. The Maldives

Just the name makes you melt with sheer relaxation. The Maldives has been known to be a destination for couples… but the increasing number of families who travel here has seen a development in the market with pools and clubs just for kids. Making the Maldives the new perfect place to travel with the little ones. While the children explore the wildlife, hang out at the kids club or build a sand castle on the pristine beaches the parents can relax knowing the whole family is having the time of their life.

2. Kirindy Reserve, Madagascar

The Kirindy Reserve is a privately owned dry deciduous forest in Madagascar. The forest risked deforestation as much of Madagascar suffered but was thankfully protected through experimental sustainable logging in the 1970’s. The 72, 200 hectares of parklands is home to several species of lemurs, the baby oustaleti chameleon, fossa (somewhat like a mongoose) and of course the famous Baobab trees. According to local legend the baobab is considered to be sacred. Said to be one of the first trees planted by the gods, the legend goes that because the tree tops look like roots growing towards the sky rather than the earth, the gods accidentally planted the trees upside-down. Oops! Private guides will take you night or day by foot through the park to observe the animals, including the jumping rat, and the Baobab trees. Allee des Baobabs is one of the most photographed sights. The perfect place to capture a family photo surrounded by thousand-year old upside-down trees.

3. Galápagos Islands

When it comes to wildlife, there is one place known above all others – the Galápagos Islands. The flora and fauna of this beautiful volcanic archipelago has been studied and observed by scientists, travellers and nature enthusiasts for years. Most notably, Charles Darwin formed his Theory of Evolution during a five week stay on the island. Families wont be bored here with wildlife watching, diving, snorkelling, hiking, kayaking and surfing all on offer. The Galápagos Islands are overflowing with exotic creatures and stunning island surroundings that will leave you in a state of awe and admiration for the truly remarkable beauty of the world.

Galápagos Islands
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4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may look like a small (delicious…) avocado on a map but don’t let its size deceive you. for a small country, it sure has a lot going on. For those who want to relax, the palm-lined beaches and turquoise waters are just the place. If spirituality and adventure are on the mind, Little Adam’s Peak and Sigiriya will offer a work out (especially for little legs) with the reward of phenomenal views. With tea fields, beaches, mountains and stunning wildlife on offer, Sri Lanka will be loved by the whole family.

5. Northern Lights, Finland

As one of the greatest displays of natural beauty the world has seen, the Northern Lights are a remarkable site to enjoy with the family. The Finnish Lapland is known for its natural phenomena – the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Here, in the northernmost point of Finland, families can enjoy ski resorts, snow mobile safaris and of course the vast subarctic wilderness. With the entertainment taken care of, all that’s left to please the kids is a cheeky hot chocolate by the fire and bonding time with the family.

6. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is more than just a destination for those wishing to unwind at a yoga retreat. It is also a destination where families can find their own spiritual reconnection. That’s not to say yoga wont still be on the cards, depending on the age of the children, its never too soon to try your hand at Warrior Pose or Chaturanga. Exploring villages, meeting locals, visiting temples, walking along the rice fields and perhaps a surprise visit from a monkey or two will have the whole family beaming.

7. Disneyland

The last destination is nnown as “happiest place on Earth”. Disneyland is the embodiment of family fun. A Disneyland holiday is every child’s dream… and every parent’s dream to take them.  The man behind Disneyland, Walt Disney, came up with the idea when watching his daughters on a merry-go-round. Wanting to create a place where both children and their parents could have fun together. At Disneyland families will be busy meeting the characters, going on rides, eating copious amounts of fairy floss, winning prizes and watching live performances by the characters and artists. Disneyland is a place where everyone can let loose their inner child.

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