Earth is one of the classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. It encompasses our footprints and connects us all. We hope you discover your tribe on your voyages.

Earth is one of the classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. It encompasses our footprints and connects us all. We hope you discover your tribe on your voyages.


TravMedia Australia 1434926 HOSH La Traviata
Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Bowties and black dresses were dusted off after months in the COVID cupboard for an array of the all powerful at the opening of the Handa sponsored La Traviata on the Harbour. After the fury of the floods, it was looking more like the wellies coming out of the wardrobes of the Sydney set. However the stars twinkled and the rain had dissipated to some other city.

the lodge one
Dust off the passport – NZ is open for luxury

New Zealand has some of the most refined global accommodation from divine lodges to glam hotels. Today we are listing some of the best and most private villas. So for up to a mere $NZ34,000 per night, you can be breathing some international air and lushing it up in your own private villa. Many offer additional services such as private chefs, local guides and knowledgeable staff to immerse you into New Zealand’s best authentic luxury experiences.

137 pillars rooftop
Private butler service & exclusive use of 137 Pillars House Bangkok

When the skies open to the new-look post-pandemic world, why not book a family reunion and enjoy exclusive use of the 137 Pillars House. When you book a minimum of 15 suites for three or more nights, you receive additional 15 suites for the same price giving you free run on the hotel.

Jonahs at Whale Beach Northern Beaches
Mother’s Day weekends away

Sunday 9 May is mother’s day and as always during COVID times, NSW’s borders are open for everyone to enjoy a seven wonder stay. Luxury is at the top of the menu for pampering all yummy mummies no matter what age so feast upon some of these destinations with an array of offerings for every taste.

melbourne pixabay
Hilton Melbourne to open in March 2021

Melbourne’s heritage-listed Equity Chambers has been transformed into Hilton Melbourne Little Queen Street (Hilton Melbourne LQS). Located in the heart of the city, the elegant upscale hotel will open at midday on Monday, 22 March 2021.

Inuyama Festival AICHI
The Festival of the Demon Roof Tiles

From matcha tea farms to roof tiles that ward off evil, samurai history and Japan’s best knives, Aichi Prefecture might just literally have it all.

QT melbourne
QT hotels announce a new collection of extraordinary stays

Sick of lockdowns? Tired of being well-behaved? Replenish your excitement and enchantment levels with QT Hotels and Resorts’ latest offering,

TravMedia Australia 1443450 Private Properties 55 SERENE SHORES PP 17 41
Maldives views Western Australian style

Your choice of luxury holiday accommodation in the south west’s most sought-after locations has expanded with five stunning new holiday homes added to Private Properties’ impressive portfolio.

polar bear 3 2
The Polar Bear has an international day on February 27

The 27 February is marked as International Polar Bear Day. However let’s remember the polar bear on more than just one day a year. International Polar Bear Day is aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by polar bears in a changing world.

shutterstock 180590963
A view to a thrill in Melbourne

I walk in to a view of Melbourne’s CBD metropolis all the way to St Kilda beach and Port Melbourne with the Yarra snaking its way through the city of lockdowns. I can spy the MCG, the Australian Open Tennis Centre, Melbourne Victory’s stadium, Federation Square, The Concert Hall and every other iconic Melbourne institution.

TravMedia Australia 1441336 Johnny Gaskell @johnny gaskell 5. Tiger Reef 3 2
The top 10 secret reefs of the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland has finally opened her borders for all Australians to enjoy our sunshine state and in 2021 there will be some wonderful offerings to put on the list.

Hot air balloons launching in Mudgee. Photo Credit Destination NSW
Valentine’s Day in the time of COVID

Ok. So some of us are not into Valentine’s Day and some of us are more into anti-Valentine’s Day but in the time of COVID let’s show a little love and make this one a special day whether for you and your hooman or pamper your pet.

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