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A Drake and lemonade, please

A Drake and lemonade, please

drakes whiskey virginia black
virginia black whiskey
Virginia Black whiskey by Drake

Drake launches Virginia Black Whiskey in Australia

The Virginia Black Whiskey (with an ‘e’ like the Irish spell it not the Scottish) arrives. The box is black and silking smooth. I run my fingers over it a few times. Wow. Packaging really has become an art for the senses. Inside is the two-toned black and clear glass bottle sporting a gold plaque. I thought the box was good but the bottle is even better.

Inside is a bourbon whiskey made in the corn state of Indiana. My first sip is to try it neat. I’d agree with the master of malt. It’s a veritable explosion of the palate with hints of toasted marshmallow, hot cinnamon, and green apple slices. Its nose is all Rolling stones brown sugar, salted popcorn with a hint of glace cherries.

Yet there’s more to this smooth drop. It’s a collaboration of Brent Hocking and  Canadian rapper Drake. Yes, he’s made a foray into the drinks industry along with fellow rappers, Puff Daddy aka P Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z.

In a press statement, Drake says of his whiskey, ‘We believe everyone should have access to glamour, swagger, and soul. Virginia Black grants them that access, allowing people to embody the lifestyle always, not just on special occasions.’

Drake’s whiskey focuses on a high-rye content and it has been a huge success. It sold 30,000 cases in its first year and now it is available in Australia. BevMart Delivery is awaiting your contact and can whisk it over to you tout de suite. Delivery is also available Australia-wide.

Virginia Black: five fast facts

  • Launched by Canadian megastar Drake and longtime luxury liquor mogul Brent Hocking
  • 1970s-styled bottle, capturing the essence of the decade’s decadent nightlife
  • Ideal for new and long-time whiskey drinkers, thanks to its smooth and complex flavour profile. Equally enjoyable neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail
  • Upcoming IPO acquisition aimed at expanding brand reach further around the world
  • Voted one of the Top 5 Spirits by Wally’s Wine and Top 100 Spirits by Wine Enthusiast, earning a 91-Point Rating

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