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Delta Premium Select Review.

Delta Premium Select Review.

Sky Club LAX Skydeck

Moving on Up Delta Premium Economy review

Delta A350
Delta A350

Moving On Up From Economy: Delta Premium Select Review.

Sydney – Los Angeles 

The next best thing to turning left into business class for an international flight is stopping within a few aisles after turning right. This means you’ve arrived at your premium economy (PE) seat – an increasingly popular way to fly thanks to fares for first and business class hitting unprecedented levels. While PE has been around for years the offering really took off post-pandemic in a shift attributed to consumer’s hankering for all things cosy and comfortable after living through covid which was anything but.

Sky Club LAX indoor bar
Sky Club LAX indoor bar recently experienced Delta Airline’s elevated economy offering known as Delta Premium Select (DPS). We can happily report that despite still being quite a distance from the lie-flat, French champagne soaked luxury of business class, DPS is a giant leap forward from economy.

The Delta Premium Seat

Premium Select Legroom
A couple seated together in Premium Select

Sitting pretty

It all starts of course with the seat. The DPS version is akin to an armchair, offering much more room than the no-frills versions in the main cabin beyond. This seat is a tad shy of 50cm wide, has a generous 97cm of leg room, and reclines a good 18cm. (The respective measurements for economy seats are 45cm, 78cm and just 10cm give or take a few millimetres). Another big plus and major differentiator to economy is the fold out adjustable leg rest, easily controlled from a panel within the seat.

The convenience of all the extra storage is another hefty tick. Should you have to work on your flight there is plenty of room for laptops and other paraphernalia, a large hatch beside my window seat on one side and a generous pocket on the back of the seat in front.

The Inflight Kit

Someone Somewhere Amenity Kit Delta Premium Select
Someone Somewhere Amenity Kit Delta Premium Select

People power

A glass of sparkling wine arrives as promptly after take-off as it would in the business class cabin, along with water, juice and a savoury snack. I find one of the nicest touches though to be Delta’s amenity kits. These hand-woven pouches are made by a network of rural artisans via the airline’s Someone Somewhere initiative, a program created to provide regular work for struggling craftspeople while promoting sustainable manufacturing and traditional millenary techniques. The pouch’s fabric, for instance, is woven on a pedal loom, no electricity required, and all material is locally sourced within artisans’ respective regions. Each pouch has a QR code that takes you to a page about the artisan who made it; mine is Gilberto from Oaxaca, a soccer fan who has been weaving for 12 years. Inside is a pair of quality ankle socks, a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, mouthwash, eye mask, pen, and a vegan and petroleum free luxury Le Labo lip balm.

Dining out on Delta

Delta Air Lines Du Nord Social Spirit' Foundation Vodka
Delta Air Lines Du Nord Social Spirit’ Foundation Vodka

Sustainability rules

Dining too is a cut above cattle class. Choices on the Sydney-Los Angeles flight included a vegetarian option – grilled mushroom risotto with asparagus and cherry tomato ragu – utterly delicious – served with an appetizer, dessert, and premium wine. In keeping with Delta’s environmental, sustainable goals, meals are served in bagasse (sugarcane pulp) containers with metal flatware. The plush blanket is made from recycled fibre, lovely and warm, and along with the wider seat and memory foam pillow sleep becomes a real possibility rather than the struggle it can be in a less elaborate seat.

Check in Luggage on Delta

Delta Sky Club LAX seating
Delta Sky Club LAX seating


Other extras for DPS passengers include entitlement to two free checked bags of 23kg each. Each passenger is given noise cancelling headphones that are as good for sleeping as they are for watching the solid selection of new-release movies, classic films, television series, games and Spotify playlists.

Is Delta Premium Select worth it?

Sky Club LAX entryway
Sky Club LAX entryway

The verdict

So is Delta Premium Select worth the extra cost? For long haul flights, most definitely if your budget extends. My neighbouring passenger agrees. A frequent flyer, she ranks Delta’s Premium Select above premium economy offerings of several other major US airlines mainly for comfort and more generous and delicious dining options.

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