From smoking barrels to ripping the pit, the search is on for gnarly waves through to the graceful two foot tour. Short board, long board or paddle board, find the perfect break for you.

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Luxury distancing in the Maldives

You may need to be handy with a bat or ball to be soaking up the Maldives at present but plan for 2022 when even couch potatoes may be able to luxuriate in the tepid azures of the Indian Ocean.

Australia’s secret surf locations

Let’s be honest, nothing good stays secret for too long. Especially when it comes to finding that perfect wave. Australia is renowned for its surf culture, beautiful beaches and epic waves. Here are the top eight secret surf locations across Australia.

The Artful Surfer

Surfing is an art form. It’s finding freedom, spirituality and a connection with something far greater than yourself. Every surfer is different, as is every wave. But for a surfer, having the right board can make or break your time out on the water.

Arctic Surf

Surfing and summer tend to go hand in hand. So, what on earth is a surf school doing in Norway?

Surf with style in the Maldives

The Maldives: where perfect waves lap up idyllic tropical shores. The breaks are a little calmer than surf-havens like Indo and Hawaii but there are waves to suit everyone.