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Whale Watching
Whale Trails of NSW

From May to November, thousands of whales migrate along the New South Wales coast as they make their way from Antarctica to the South Pacific and back again. From the Tweed to Sydney and all the way to Eden, New South Wales offers a multitude of sea and land-based options to observe the traffic on the ‘Humpback Highway’.

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Wintermania in the Apple Isle begins with Dark MOFO

Darkness is a place and that place is in Tasmania. Dark MOFO. We’ve all seen the publicity. So why not head for a nude solstice swim and some other nocturnal revelry in Hobart?

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A taste of resorts that celebrate Earth Day every day

Ahead of its time, Soneva Fushi banned plastic straws in 1998 and in 2008, they banned imported water, saving approximately 1.5 million plastic bottles since this time. Soneva Fushi recycles 90% of waste onsite through a robust waste management strategy combined with a focus on innovation.

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Canada celebrates Earth Day at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

April 22 marks Earth Day, the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970, giving voice to the growing public consciousness about the state of our planet.

Amangiri’s stairway to heaven

Amanresorts have launched an incredibly exciting venture for thrill seekers this year. It is the 120 step stairway offering incredible views of the wilderness and desert landscapes of Canyon Point in Utah. Although it might take more than 40 days and 40 nights and a few extra miracles for Australians to be able to access this instagrammable scenery but it’s a place I would definite head to when the borders open

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The Polar Bear has an international day on February 27

The 27 February is marked as International Polar Bear Day. However let’s remember the polar bear on more than just one day a year. International Polar Bear Day is aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by polar bears in a changing world.

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Plan your 2022 with the ultimate driving luxury

Aman Driving Journeys, offer the ultimate personalised self-drive road trips. The new bespoke journeys provide the opportunity for guests to drive impeccable sportscars, SUVs or classic vehicles on supported three to five-day trips using Aman’s locations as a base.

Pipe dreams in Kauai, Hawaii

It may be a year or two before we can venture back to Hawaii, but with an election concentrating our thoughts on the US, let’s also focus on something more pleasant such as a stay at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai.

Start spreading the news

For those able to travel to New York, First Class has put together a guide for a range of distinct tastes. For those of us who have to hold back, New York will be there for us to so we can do our research and savour the wait.

Vegan Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Although being a vegan and a traveller has become much easier, sometimes it can still be a challenge finding great vegan food and eco accommodations.