The UN will tell you there are 44 countries in Europe but the EU will disagree. Depending upon your camp there are either 47, 49, 50 or 51. No matter how many there are a lot of amazing cultures to discover.

Verina Terra Sifnos Greece
Sifnos, Greece – Serenity and Gastronomy

Perched elegantly on a hillside overlooking the Aegean, the Verina Astra boutique hotel is a sanctuary where the panorama merges seamlessly with the cosmos.

Dukes Hotel
A Right Royal Welcome at London’s Dukes Hotel

Favoured by Britain’s foremost families, Dukes is a luxury hotel that offers a rich but subtle blend of traditional and contemporary Britain.

A choir performs in Salisbury, UK
Britain’s Choral Elite with 2MBS Fine Music Sydney

There exists an ethereal enchantment when the choirs of Britain raise their voices in song, a celestial convergence of age-old tradition and contemporary mastery.

ludomil sawicki r6adTf4AibE unsplash
Europe’s finest music festivals with 2MBS Fine Music Sydney

From the Salzburg Festival’s operatic extravaganzas to the Lucerne Festival’s acoustic marvels against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, the continent is alive with the sound of music.

Enchante Canal du Midi lock
Gourmand discoveries with European waterways in France

This August 2024, the promise of an ‘exclusive’ culinary adventure twinkles on the horizon like a Michelin-star in the dim twilight.

Tuscan Princess tour
Luxury tours in Italy

Enter stage left, Valerio Fantinelli, an Australian-Italian chef with the culinary wizardry of a Michelin-starred sorcerer, and his cohort, Luca Rocconi, a professional Italian tour guide whose ancestry presumably includes a lineage of Roman emperors, given his encyclopaedic knowledge of Italy’s secrets. Together, these cousins concoct asmall-group tours through Italy’s heart and soul, promising escapades from one to six days that would make Caesar himself green with envy.

Caminito del Rey
Hiking Spain: The Camino De Santiago and Beyond

Ah, Spain! A land of contrasts and contradictions, where the sun beats down on the Mediterranean coast with the same fervour as the sangria flows in the local tavernas. But beyond the clichés of flamenco and paella lies a secret: Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country.

Glenglassaugh Whisky Immerse Yourself©EstebanLaTes
Spirited Comeback: the Glenglassaugh Seaside Saga & Whisky Revival

In the shadows of the parent company, Brown-Forman, a formidable player in the spirits realm with brands like Jack Daniel’s, Old Forester, and Woodford Reserve, Glenglassaugh stands poised for another chapter of rejuvenation.

Brown Forman GlenDronach Scotch Whisky
Dr. Rachel Barrie’s Whisky Wonderland Down Under

Embarking on her maiden voyage to Australia, Dr. Barrie graced Elizabeth Bay House to pay homage to women in whisky.

The Majestic Hotel Santorini
The Majestic Hotel in Santorini

It is more than 11 years since we last set foot in the Majestic Hotel, on the outskirts of Santorini’s capital Fira, but I mean it in a good way when I say that little has changed.  My daughters may have grown from toddlers to teenagers (seemingly overnight) but the same high standards and bright, luxurious complex that I remember from 2012 remain front and centre at the Majestic.